Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sneak peek of my next DIY and a future outfit post...

Just finished painting these babies!
As seen on my new blog banner...
Stay tuned for an outfit post and DIY.

Tights - DIY
Shoes - Rubi Shoes



  1. Ooh, awesome skirt, and I love those tights, I'm going through an I-love-hearts-on-tights-phase at the moment!
    X Jane

  2. I love this, not sure I could do such perfect looking hearts <3 xx

  3. oooh can't, i'm loving printed tights at the moment..these are amazing :)

    Josephine. xx

  4. wow, it look nice! :D the heart shape is cute on your white tights..:D you also have a pretty hair color! :D (saw at ur previous post)

    btw, mind to follow me back? :D

  5. gah!!!! so beautiful, my darling! You are magical xxxxx

    love, polly :D

  6. Gorgeous, your hair looks fantastic.


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