Friday, 20 April 2012

Queen of Hearts Tights

Ahoy there!
Bringing back the hand-painted tights! I was actually commissioned to paint these for a burlesque Tim Burton show happening this weekend, for a Queen of Hearts Costume. I took these photos "to show" the person who asked me to paint them, to make sure they were alright. I may have gotten a little carried away though... and taken a whole bunch of outfit photos with them as well. But, I managed not to rip them... so no harm done! (Unless they read my blog. Let's hope they don't read my blog.)

Shirt - Vintage
Tights - DIY'd (originally vintage sheers)
Bag - c/o Oasap
Boots - Rubi Shoes
Necklace - Stolen from boyfriend
Cameo Brooch - Ebay

Here's a little DIY...
How to make "Queen of Hearts" tights

What you will need:
Sheer white tights
Black fabric/acrylic paint
(*Important: The paint must be fairly thick, ie not runny*)
A stencil
A pair of legs to paint on
A paintbrush

What you do:

Making your stencil:
Get a long length of cardboard and fold it in half. Draw half-lovehearts on the folded edge of one side of the cardboard, larger at the top and getting smaller gradually as you go down.

Like this:

Cut these out and unfold the cardboard. You should now have a nice stencil with some pretty love hearts.

Use these stencils for painting your tights. Follow instructions on how to do this here.

Don't forget to let them dry for a loooooong time on your legs! Wear them around for a few hours. I'm serious!!


Annika xxx


  1. Does it only work on white stockings or it is more effective with other colours?

    1. You can paint which ever colour tights you would like! Both black and white paint work really well on black sheers, black works well on nude sheers, and black also looks really stunning on white.

  2. ;__; omg, you're so cute and you're style is so amazing.
    I love those tights (and the blouse is epic amazing as well).

    Good Morning Angel.

  3. This outfit is so cute, love the tights.. you should have a little shop and sell them I think loads of people would buy them :)

    Josephine. xx

  4. These are beautiful! Shame you didn't get to keep them :) cc

  5. PINK HAIR! How did I miss this?! Oohh I have been away from blogland from far too long. It suits you so well! This is a great tutorial, it's so detailed and aahhh you're the cleverest and most talented lady in all the land :)

    1. <3 you have been away from blogland, i've missed your comments! Good move there I say. I should try and do the same one of these days..

  6. This has got to be one of my favorite outfits. I just love the shirt, the necklace, the shoes...gorgeous! And let me say, your hair is so pretty! I wish i was brave enough to dye my hair like that.

  7. everything you're wearing here I wish I could take of the computer screen and put in my wardrobe. I love it all, so I can't single one part out. Yet to get around to the DIY tights. One day...

  8. I love your tights!! They are so cute, definitely will try to actually do this one! (Or a variation). I'm so in love with your whole outfit~

    xx maggie

  9. These are extremely super cute. Curiously, do they wash well? I usually stick my tights in the washing machine (on delicate) so I was wondering what would happen to the paint...

    1. actually no idea about sticking them in the washing machine, i'm sorry. I have done a delicate washing machine wash on ACRYLIC painted tights, and it ruined them. fabric paint though... ? I would be safe and handwash them... that seems to work okay for me. :)

  10. Those tights are fantastic. Awesome idea. Did you get any paint on your legs? This is by far my favourite outfit on your whole blog. You look amazing.


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