Sunday, 29 April 2012

My Name on a Necklace!

While I was in the process of taking photos for my pillow case dress (see my last post), my dad surprised me with not one, but two packages of goodies which had just arrived for me in the mail! How exciting!
One is for a future collaborative DIY post which I am very, very excited about, and you will learn more about in the coming week ;) and the other was from the lovely people at My Name Necklace, who sent me an amazing personalised retro style name necklace!

Having the name "Annika", which is not a very common name and was far less so while I was growing up, I have never owned anything personalised. You know those cutesy fairies and bears and bike numberplates that aunties and uncles gave you as presents when you were little that had your own name on them - nope. I never got to partake in any of that. It always say "Amanda" "Angela" "Angelica" "Annabel" "Anne" and maybe if I got lucky, "Annie", but I never, ever saw or received anything with "Annika" on it.
SO, anyway, the point of this long rant is, I FINALLY HAVE SOMETHING WHICH IS PERSONALISED WITH MY NAME, wheeeeeee! At My Name Necklace, you can get your name, (or whatever word you want, I guess) made into a beautiful custom necklace for you!
I chose a Coca-Cola style retro font, and it's so beautiful! I'm completely in love with it. So thanks a bunch, guys!

I would also like to inform you that you can get 8% off a personalised necklace in any style just by using the code "Pineneed" at the checkout :)

That's my name!

Much love,

Annika ;)

p.s. Check out my last post to see how I styled this necklace.
p.p.s The Name Necklace reviewed in this post was provided by MyNameNecklace does not influence the opinion stated on this site. If you are interested in reviewing our Personalized Jewelry, please contact.


  1. I am in the same boat as you. I think I might just go to them to see if they can make a "ZULEIKA" one just for me ^_^ I do love that lettering too!

    1. Wow, what a cool name! But yep, you'd certainly never find that one either, haha!

  2. So adorable! If I got a personalized name necklace, I feel like I'd go with "Cocoa." So many meanings/interpretations!

  3. Yareckon Tallulah Porkchop would fit on a necklace?

    1. haha, i think there's a letter limit. You could totally get two, one with a slightly shorter chain, and layer them, haha

  4. I envy your unique name! I wish my parents were more name-inventive. haha!Love how you styled! <3


  5. That's so cute!

    I never got anything personalised either. It was always Ashley, Ben, Bethany... Completely surpassed Becky. This year, at Christmas, my mum found a door hanger with my name on it. I was so happy to finally have something with my name on!


  6. Aww, i love such necklaces *o* ur name sounds like a german one, :'D
    but don't worry, my name you'll also not going to find somewhere, :'D 'Quynh' - might be even to hard to pronounce it right, hihi, :'D

  7. I had the same problem! My name is Leila, which is an Arabic name, and the closest I ever saw was Lila. I ended up buying a name necklace a few years ago in Arabic script, so it's fun when random Arabs on the street say, "Hello Leila!" It's like a little code to let people know who I am and where I come from. :P

  8. That is a very lovely necklace. And I had the same problem too, my name is Aneirys and it was always so difficult to find necklace or number plates with my names.

  9. I love my name necklace! As they are personalized, it makes no difference what your name is as it can be made in any name and any style!


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