Sunday, 8 April 2012

I love vintage, I am vintage (plus a sneaky DIY)

Basically I just wanted to show you this sweet embroidered vintage blouse that I got for $3 the other day.

It was a size 16, so I fixed it a bit by bringing it in, and chopped off the long sleeves as well. I've never brought anything in so successfully before! Check it out! It doesn't even look too crappy, hooray!

If you want to bring in a shirt that's just a little too large across the chest and along the shoulders like this, here's what you do:
1. Turn it inside out. Poke the sleeve inside the main body of the shirt.
2. Where the sleeve meets the main body of the shirt, you should noticed that there is a sewn seam all the way around. Sew around this again using a long, straight stitch, but where you want to sew is 1-2cm (0.5 - 1 inches) in from the seam. (Try 1cm first, try it on, and if its still too big then you can go further.) And look at my diagrams because I explained that terribly.
Obviously, do this on both sleeves.

3. Still inside out, do a similar kind of thing on both sides down the body of the shirt.

DONE. Too easy (hopefully!)

xxx Annika


  1. So gorgeous! You find the most amazing pieces, I'm tempted to go to Australia specifically to go thrifting!

  2. It looks great! And your hair is amazing!

  3. Haha cute tutorial! That shirt looks really great on you. What a brilliant find! I love the tights too :)


  4. You look great! After seeing this I don't think I'll be afraid to buy something and re-work it to my body!


  5. You are so flipping cute! Love this outfit on you :) & definitely needed that little tutorial!
    xo Heather

  6. This blouse is so beautiful and thank you so much for the tips on taking things in :) I love your DIY ideas and I hope to try some of them out soon!

  7. Lady, you are a DIY wizard! Glad you found a way to save that blouse, because it looks lovely on you. :) Thanks for the thorough tutorial!

  8. Your style is so CUTE ! love this look and all the others too <3


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