Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cheap stuff!!! Coupon Codes!

Cheap stuff! I bring you all a knowledgeable little list of coupon and discount codes for you to use on online stores. Because I've just hit 500 followers which is absolutely incredible, and I can't thank you all enough! I love you guys! So here's some coupon codes that you can use on various online stores to get some cheap stuff as some thanks!

Just whack AVPNMB20 in at the checkout and get 20% off

o5crljy8lm9 at the checkout for some $$$ off your order (until the end of April)

for 8% a pretty necklace with your name on it, use "pineneed" at the checkout

20% when you enter "Annika20" at the checkout

It's far too bizarre to do a post without photos, so here's a pretty photo of a nebula.

Thank you all for your amazing and continued support of my blog!

Annika xxx

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