Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Caramel Cupcakes

I was in the city the other day having dinner with my boyfriend, and I knew that I had to walk home from the train in the FREEZING COLD, and I didn’t have a cardigan. I also knew I would have to either spend $10 on a taxi, or $10 on a cardigan/coat so I could brave the cold walk home. I then found a $10-or-less pop-up-shop selling cute cardigans. So guess which one I chose? (Of course I chose the cardigan.) Such a better/wiser investment! It’s so damn cute, and warm, and it has the most adorable little elk on it, who are howling at a christmas tree or something, but oh my! It's so cute!

You may also have noticed my amazing bag.
In fact, the title of this look refers to my new satchel bag, c/o Mochi Beaucoup. How damn cute is it?? It’s actually ridiculously nice, deliciously so, and the little scalloped edges just push the cuteness factor over the edge (in a good way).

Here's a nice close up of it (yeah, I'm also wearing a different dress. This photo is for a future outfit post actually, but I didn't get good close ups of the bag earlier, and I felt it needed some.):
The name of the bag is actually "Salted Caramel Cupcake Satchel". I'm sure you can see why!
If you want one for yourself (or anything else at Mochi Beacoup, for that matter), you can get it 20% cheaper than usual just for reading my blog, just use the code AVPNMB20 at the checkout.

Dress - Vintage from Osaka
Bag - c/o Mochi Beaucoup
Cardigan - No brand
Belt - Vintage
Socks - Vintage
Shoes - Yesstyle
Hair bow - I made it

Have a lovely day!

Annika xxxxx


  1. That bag is so cute!~! I love the scalloped detail and the structure of it. And your dress, as well! Great color.

    xx maggie

  2. cute dress! Great style! I love pastel color like your dress ><


  3. I love your style too! The pastels and florals are a must in my wardrobe as well! +followed! <3

  4. This is just adorable! I love the colors and mix of patterns. Mochi Beaucoup pinned the last photo and I followed the link. Such a cute bag!

  5. I agree with everyone, the amazingly cute outfit is strong in this one. :)
    Especially that bag, I'm smitten with it!

  6. Scrummy colour-combo. Hope you don't mind if I give it a whirl. Loving the hair.


  7. That bag is so gorgeous! I'm going to buy one now in fact!
    As always, I am super jealous of your wardrobe and your styling skills. That cardigan matches the bag so wonderfully.

    xx PC

  8. So, so pretty! I love your satchel!

  9. I always love your outfit! :)

  10. I ♥ your bag (and of course you too)! I would also chose a cardigan and your one is adoreable.

  11. absolutely gorgeous!

  12. I love the suspender skirt! This is adorable!!

  13. Love the purse! I want


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