Monday, 9 January 2012

Look what I made!

 This will be the super quickest blog post in the world because I have to get on a train in 10 minutes! But I am suuuuuper excited and really wanted to share this with you all, because guess what I made today! This dress! It's the first dress I've ever made, and I'm a little proud! I'll blog much more about it on Wednesday I promise, for now you can have this photo as a teaser ;)

Everything catches up with you in a rush if you spend all day leisurely making a dress. And now I really must dash! Have a looooovely day everybody!

Annika xxx


  1. Love the stockings, love the dress. I am v into yellow right now. The shoes look great with everything!

  2. hey dear, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me such a nice comments! you are adorable and have cute style! i am following you now :)

  3. I love peterpan collars on dresses! :) Amazing skill! <3

  4. Hiya,
    Was just browsing on Chictopia, found your page, LOVED your style... and now you make dresses too?? Following fo sho. (:
    Excellent work!


  5. I love this! The dress and floral headband are too cute :)

  6. very pretty dress! i would love to wear it!!! u are seriously talented!!!


  7. woow


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