Sunday, 8 January 2012

DIY Gold Collar & Bow

I'm really getting into the whole DIY thing, if you haven't noticed! For today's DIY I bring you this golden collar and golden bow that I made up using fabric from a poncho my Dad made for me in my first year of Primary School, when I went to a disco dressed as an alien (needless to say, the poncho no longer fits, otherwise I would be wearing THAT baby every day!), and 50 year old pure vintage cotton that my Grandma gifted me a couple of days ago! So I guess you could say that this is a proper Vintage DIY!


Golden Collar - DIY
Golden Bow - DIY
Cardigan - Forever 21
Lace Singlet - No idea
Petticoat/Skirt -
White Tights -
Shoes -

How to make a collar.....
Using a detachable collar I already owned (or you could use a collar off any shirt as a pattern), I traced around the collar onto my golden fabric, (adding about an inch on each side), then cut it out.

So, the collar looked like this...

 So the pattern that I drew onto the fabric looked like this...
and I added those little bits to the bottom to give the collar a nicer look. You don't have to do this though, it'll look fine either way :)

Cut the collar out from the fabric!

Then I folded the rectangle part of the collar together like this

and hemmed along the middle of this, sewing the rectangle to itself. I then added hidden button on the tabs there, on the inside of the collar, so it can do up around my neck but you can't see the button.

And that's how I made myself a lovely golden collar from an old golden poncho!

Have a lovely day, everyone!

Annika xxx


  1. Love this outfit and great DIY post! :)

  2. Gorgeous outfit. Love the DIY collar. Great brogues. I have a black and white pair myself. :-)


    Dark Blue Stripes

  3. LOL re your disco alien outfit. :)

    Love your collar, fantastic work. Also, LOVING that lace singlet.



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