Monday, 23 January 2012

Black Dress, Blue 'Do

The final product of my adventures into the world of home bleaching and hair dye - pastel turquoise!

Also, another outfit for you to view. I completely didn't know what colour to match with the new turquoise hair today, so I stuck to a very neutral palette; the only colour I could think to match with blue was blue (so very inventive) so I stole my brother's blue socks. Now I'm going to have to do some experimenting with what clothes go with blue hair. I think all reds, yellows and oranges can be ruled out. Although perhaps I'll find a way to clash those colours which will still be pleasing on the eye. I think it'll force me to combine items in my wardrobe in a way I never have before, at the very least.

What do you think of the turquoise hairdo, anyway?

I'm sorry that I only ever wear these shoes now. Once I get hooked on a pair of shoes, I wear them every day until they're ruined and broken. The heel has already begun to wear off (grrrrr), but I have worn them a LOT, so they are lasting quite a while for cheap shoes.


Dress -
Lace Blouse -
Bag -
Belt - vintage
Shoes -
Socks - stole them from my brother, I think they're about a billion years old
Pocketwatch/necklace -
Velvet Bowtie - DIY

Keep an eye out for my next post all about bleaching and home hairdying adventures.

Much Love,

Annika xxx


  1. YOUR HAIR IS AMAZING! So cute! You look like a little anime character :) haha I love it. And I like how it matches with the little socks. Cuuuute. Can't wait to hear about your bleaching adventures, I bleached mine a few months ago and DEEPLY REGRET IT. Now hair is short and bad. I hope your hair didn't get too badly damaged!

    1. Oh noooo! That sucks! i managed not to damage mine (yet) which was lucky, because I was pretty stupid bleaching it at home. Still, I think your hair looks really nice anyway. I totally can't tell that it's damaged and I think it really suits you short!

  2. I love your hair (oh so brave and gorgeous!) and I love how you chose to go black and white! The pop of color of your hair and socks is just perfect.
    Life is a romantic poem

  3. You look like a superhero!


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