My Outfits 2013

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  1. OMG!! You are so pretty. And so creative. Love all your looks. Please help me look like one. :)
    Please tell me where you shop. You know... I love vintage :) <3
    Love, Mawi :)

    1. Hellooo! Thanks for your lovely comment :)
      You can see links to many of the items in my outfits on each outfit post!
      Other than that, I shop mainly at thrift stores (second-hand clothing stores).


  2. i'm planning on going on a shopping spree and transform my fashion sense because i've never really been satisfied with what i wear. I'm really indecisive and have a hard time putting together and buying outfits but finding your blog has helped me out a lot!!

  3. Hi!!
    This blog is so amazing! Your style and your looks are just wonderful, really love it, I just recently found it by coinsidence and I really like to check it out ever since. It is so good of you that you are willing to share your creativity with the world (: Your outfits are all very good and they fit you all very well!

    (I saw that some of your clothes are from sheinside and I lately saw something I want to purchase from there, but do you think it is always realli reliable? I'm not very used to online-shopping haha)
    Really love your blog!!
    xx Roxana

    1. Hi Roxana! Thank you so much for such a sweet comment!

      Well, everything that I have from Sheinside has been sponsored, I want to note that first. But I'm going to write truthfully about them still! The quality of the clothes from Sheinside has always been really good, and the sizing has never been a problem (I'm always a size M and it always fits!) The shipping is also quite fast as well, although I'm not sure if they use a faster shipping for me because they're sponsoring me (?)
      Sheinside have impressed me enough that I would purchase clothes from them without them sponsoring me, though!

      That is my honest opinion, so good luck!


    2. Thank you so much for replying!

      It's so cool that they sponsor you, I would also like that haha so much clothing would be a lot of fun!
      But anyway thank you very much for your honest opinion and I will definitely try it out then (: at least I know now that the quality is good and hopefully the shipping won't be a problem

      Really thanks and enjoy going on with your blog =D

  4. WOW!!!! JUST WOW!!!! :)

  5. Just discovered your blog and I love it! I'm also 21 and studying Bachelor of Science at Monash University, Melbounre. Nice to see someone else who loves science AND fashion as much as I do ;). New favorite blog for sure. What is your major in science?

    Love Beth xx

    1. Thank you!! Wow, I really thought that I was blogging to such a niche little audience (i.e. no one) when I decided to start doing fashion + science haha. It's so cool how many people are actually interested in both (but why wouldn't you be, right?) My major is molecular biology (I think! I might change it. Who knows.) What is yours? x

    2. It's awesome to think that you might be getting more people interested in science who are primarily fashion-orientated. Science is cool and more people should know that! Haha. I am majoring in Geology. It's pretty fun and involves lots of work out in the field, which I personally prefer to lab work.

      Good luck with your blog and your degree! :)

    3. Geology is amazing!! Though I much prefer lab work to field work which is why I am doing molecular ;) Still, one of my favourite parts of the Australian museum collection in sydney is the amazing rock collection. I really don't understand how any of them are formed.

      It's such a problem in science communication - how to get people interested in science who aren't already seeking it out i.e. not just "preaching to the converted" so I hope that my blog can do that! I have had a couple of people say they chose a science subject at school or whatever primarily because of my blog so it definitely makes it worth it!

      Best of luck with your degree as well

  6. Buckling under the weight of so much pretties. o.O Urghh this blog is pure joy, need to dedicate a lazy day for scrowling through archives and having a go at all your wonderful DIYs ^^

    Hope you're having an awesome day



  7. Hey, it's Samira here. Well I saw in your newest post about you selling more clothes, and if we saw something that we liked but wasn't on sale we could ask you for it. I was wandering what size are your clothes usually and is it only clothes or could I ask for bags or shoes. Plus if the answer is yes what shoe size are you. Thanks for all your comments and your generosity. Thanks for this opportunity. PS. Can you tell me the clothes and shoe sizes in American sizes. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey! I replied here:


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