Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Miss my outfit posts? Follow me on instagram!

I stress myself out that there's some dedicated blog-readers of mine who get really disappointed that I don't post outfit photos anymore. I'm fairly sure that's not true/a thing in the slightest, but my anxiety likes to decide that it is.
Anyyyyyway, I just wanted to pop in to say to those people (who likely don't exist so really I'm talking to nobody here but HEY) - I still post my outfits on the internet! Just not so much on here anymore.
With youtube now taking up a good chunk of my time, going back to uni and the intense fatigue I have from my illness, I never have time to do those dedicated photo-shoots that I used to do for my blog. I kind of miss it, but in a way it's also allowed me to explore my style a little bit more because I don't feel like it's being scrutinized as closely. But although my content-creation has moved more onto showing you how to make clothes rather than how to wear them, I still enjoy taking cute pics when I feel like my outfit is on point.
Instagram is just 10000000x easier to document my outfits, because it doesn't have to be a perfect picture, in good lighting, shot on an SLR with a tripod and edited for 2 hours to balance the colours perfectly etc etc etc (as I'm typing this, I can't believe how much effort I used to put into outfit shots). No. I just have to snap 1 or 2 pictures in the moment and it's done and I can show off my outfit!
I also usually still write a whole bunch of stuff as to why I'm wearing that outfit, what was happening that day etc like I used to do with my blog as well! I also talk a little bit about studying science - although not as much as before. 'Coz like... time constraints. Life. Etc. Haha. I'm still studying part-time and loving it, though!
So basically, if you're not already, and you are missing my outfit posts, then follow me at @littlepineneedle on Instagram (and here's a handy link you can click to take you there as well).
Much love and I hope you're all having a wonderful day (and beginning of a new season!),

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Removing and Replacing Buttons to Resize a Skirt | The Style Pile #5

Essentially, this is a video on how to sew buttons. But it’s ALSO a video showing you how you can make something fit you better just by moving where the buttons sit! Simple fixes can dramatically change an item of clothing! I'm so so so happy that I was able to give this skirt a new life, because it's one of my favourites!! 

Have a lovely day,

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