Sunday, 8 November 2015

DIY Heart Cutout Top!

How to make your very own heart-cutout shirt (or any other item of clothing!)

Difficulty Level: Total beginner
Time to Finish: 10-20 minutes

I wanted this tutorial to be a really quick & simple way to upcycle/cute-ify your clothing. Both because beginners will find it easy to do, and also because I have exams to study for and couldn't spend all day sewing ;__; (Wish me luck!)
 You can sew around the edges of the resulting cutout if you want extra durability - but it's not necessary! The heart will hold its shape thanks to the interfacing behind it.
ps I don't 100% recommend using velveteen/napped fabrics like I did, just because the velveteen gets a little bit crushed & you end up with an outline of where you ironed! It's not *super* noticeable but if I do this again I'll be using non-nap fabrics (so like everything that isn't velvet, corduroy, suede etc) instead. T-shirt (jersey) material will work really well - just make sure that it's stretchy and won't fray!


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  1. It sucks that the velveteen didn't work well after being ironed but this colour and fabric combo is sooo gorgeous! Seriously love how it looks on you Annika <3
    Btw good luck with your exams! :)

  2. It might be very easy, but I am very talented to screw things up:D

  3. Could you do a make thrift buy for a jabot? I can't find a good one online

  4. Hello! What about this:

  5. Could you do the same with the Superman logo?


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