Thursday, 29 October 2015

Making A Square Circle Skirt?? | Make Thrift Buy #27

Hello! Today I learned how to make a square circle skirt. Which sounds totally nonsensical. But I promise - it's actually a thing!

Enjoy the video! :)


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  1. I love this skirt shape with the fabric you chose :) It makes me think of a tartan shirt tied at the waist, very 90s :P

  2. I love the asymmetry of these- you could easily make them a little longer and have something like a DIY Comme Des Garcons piece... <3
    Great stuff as always, Annika

  3. I love your tutorials. They are the least confusing I've found. Could you please do a post on/video on how to make a multilayer petticoat for circle skirts? I am super perplexed.

  4. Hi, I need you help!!! Please, my daugther want a skirt very difficult for make Please can you help me to make it!!!!


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