Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Q & A and a Giveaway

Thanks for asking me questions on instagram, twitter and facebook, so I could make this video! (And I had soooo many questions - like, over 100 - so I'm really sorry if I didn't get to yours!)

In this video I show you my wardrobe, talk about dealing with a chronic illness, do a marshmallow challenge, give details about a giveaway - and more!

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  1. Hi Annika! What you do really inspires me! It amazes me how you balance studying in uni while being active in blogging. And because of that, I just want to ask a piece of advice from you (sorry for taking some of your time >.<). My name's Beth and I'm from the Philippines. I came across your blog about a year ago and I was able to discover my artsy side through making my own clothes! I really thank you for that! :) BTW, I'm currently taking up materials engineering. On my free time, I sew and make whatever I want. But now that my lessons are getting more difficult, I really have a hard time balancing both. So I end up sewing over the holidays. All I want to know is that, how do you balance science with the arts? I think I sound stupid, but I can't help that I'm passionate for both. :( If you read this, I really thank you for your time! :)


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