Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Pink Polka Dot Dress | Fashion, Meet Technology

I felt pretty cute the other day in my new ebay-bought vintage dress (seriously, sometimes late-night ebay purchases are the best). It's going to be so good for summer! I am not usually a fan of drop-waists, but in this case, it works so well - I think because it's offset by the super large sailor collar! I got it from AHKA vintage, which is a really good little ebay store - all their vintage is really lovely and also decently priced! (Not a sponsor - they just made a good impression.)
When I was going through the questions for my last Q&A video, somebody mentioned that they were missing my science posts on my blog! Me too, guys. With my health being what it's been recently (not great) and my Youtube channel taking off, plus trying to keep up at university - I just haven't had the time! But, for those of you who were missing my science posts, I have something very exciting to announce: I started writing for a science magazine! The magazine is called Lateral and it's run by an awesome group of Australian science students, scientists and science enthusiasts alike. I'm so excited to be a part of the team!

My article is all about the world of wearable technology and how it's integrating with fashion... or not. 
Image source - Flickr
Anyway, you can read my article here! It's a little bit longer than the science posts on my blog used to be, but I hope you'll still enjoy it :)
As for my outfit:
Outfit details:
Dress - AHKA Vintage
Brooch - Bok Bok B'Gerk
Socks - Kmart
Shoes - NAOT (Kedma)

Hope you're all doing well! Love,

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  1. love your dress! I definitely love late night shopping, normally when I've been eyeballing a certain piece on sale for a number of weeks...


  2. Nice dress,! I love late night shopping, but my credit card is not supportive at all these days. Only thing that kills me is waiting for that item to arrive.

  3. That dress is gorgeous! Great find! *goes to look at ebay store* Hope you recover soon =)

  4. Stunning dress, you look so beautiful! <3


  5. I love this dress! I wish I could pull off a drop waist dress.


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