Monday, 28 September 2015

DIY Light Up Shoes | Make Thrift Buy #25

I'm so ludicrously excited about this project. Whenever I see kids wearing light up shoes I want to steal them. But that would be evil and creepy so I don't. But I DO get very jealous and want a pair in my own size! So, that's what I'm trying to do today.

I hope you enjoy the video!


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Monday, 21 September 2015

Duplicate Your Dress - How To Turn One Dress Into Two!

I really, really like the style of this vintage polka dot dress that I bought from Ebay a couple of weeks ago. So I thought that I'd try to "reverse-engineer" the pattern and make myself the same dress in multiple different fabrics! It worked out pretty well!

Check out the video below, for tips and tricks on duplicating your own dresses (or tops, I guess! That would also probably work.)

p.s. The dress I’m to recreating is quite free-fitting and pretty simply made (and doesn't have separate sleeves which made my life a LOT easier, haha) - this method would be a bit harder if the dress was super fitted or had darts, so if you’re going to try this out, for the first time I suggest you try and copy a fairly loose-fitting item of clothing. 

I hope that you're all having a lovely day,

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Nothing Can Stop Me From Dressing Up Cute | Magazine Feature!

The story behind this outfit: I felt damn cute, so pictures were had. All that I did on the day I took these pictures was to visit the doctor, so it wasn't like I was dressed up for any particular reason. But I think it's really important to do that sometimes, especially when you've been having a really tough time - well, it works for me, anyway! Dressing up in a style that's really "me" after days of oily hair, sweatpants and laying in bed watching "If You Are The One" gives me back some sense of normalcy and control.
I've realised just now that all my "tips" for dealing with a chronic illness have been to "do crafts and look cute", which now sounds a little bit silly and superficial and obviously won't work for everyone. But it all falls underneath the broader category of LOOK AFTER YO' SELF, which I think can apply to anybody struggling with ANY tough time! Prioritize the things that make you happy, if you can, first and foremost!
Outfit details:
Dress - Thrifted
Cardigan - Dangerfield 
Brooch - Deer Arrow
Bag - Vintage
Socks - Kmart
Shoes - Naot (style: Kedma)

Also also also - you guys!! I did a whole one-page interview with the real-life Sew Magazine in their September issue! Now this magazine is sold in the UK, if you live there and wanna check it out (and/or send me a copy?? Hahaha). 
It actually looks like I really cool magazine for craft tips and ideas - I wish I could buy it in Australia!!
I hope you've all been doing well! As for me, I'm even going to try and make a video today of something that many of you have been requesting ;) So check back soon!

p.s. THANK YOU to all those lovely people who posted me kind & goodluck messages when I first posted this outfit on Instagram! It really meant a lot to me!

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Pink Polka Dot Dress | Fashion, Meet Technology

I felt pretty cute the other day in my new ebay-bought vintage dress (seriously, sometimes late-night ebay purchases are the best). It's going to be so good for summer! I am not usually a fan of drop-waists, but in this case, it works so well - I think because it's offset by the super large sailor collar! I got it from AHKA vintage, which is a really good little ebay store - all their vintage is really lovely and also decently priced! (Not a sponsor - they just made a good impression.)
When I was going through the questions for my last Q&A video, somebody mentioned that they were missing my science posts on my blog! Me too, guys. With my health being what it's been recently (not great) and my Youtube channel taking off, plus trying to keep up at university - I just haven't had the time! But, for those of you who were missing my science posts, I have something very exciting to announce: I started writing for a science magazine! The magazine is called Lateral and it's run by an awesome group of Australian science students, scientists and science enthusiasts alike. I'm so excited to be a part of the team!

My article is all about the world of wearable technology and how it's integrating with fashion... or not. 
Image source - Flickr
Anyway, you can read my article here! It's a little bit longer than the science posts on my blog used to be, but I hope you'll still enjoy it :)
As for my outfit:
Outfit details:
Dress - AHKA Vintage
Brooch - Bok Bok B'Gerk
Socks - Kmart
Shoes - NAOT (Kedma)

Hope you're all doing well! Love,

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Friday, 4 September 2015

DIY Pinafore - With Adjustable Straps!

Remember my pinafore dress from the other day? Well, here's the tutorial for it!
P.s. I was a silly-head and totally forgot to put the last step into the tutorial (must have been too keen to show off the final results!)

When you reach 5:28 in the video, you're not done just yet - you need to sew the end of the strap back down onto the strap. This will stop the whole thing from coming loose!!
Like this:
Basically, loop the strap back over the slider, and sew it down onto the strap (the one that's at the back), using a straight stitch.

Cool cool cool! I hope you're all having a lovely day,

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Q & A and a Giveaway

Thanks for asking me questions on instagram, twitter and facebook, so I could make this video! (And I had soooo many questions - like, over 100 - so I'm really sorry if I didn't get to yours!)

In this video I show you my wardrobe, talk about dealing with a chronic illness, do a marshmallow challenge, give details about a giveaway - and more!

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