Thursday, 27 August 2015

Head-To-Toe Florals & A Handmade Pinafore

Just popping in today with a really quick outfit post, because I've missed doing these regularly! Hopefully I can do outfit posts a bit more often now that I have a nice backdrop to pose in front of. 

SO basically, I am super dooooooper proud of this pinafore that I made. It's probably the most professional-looking thing I've ever created - seriously, I can't stop looking down at my neat top-stitching and seams and feeling super proud of myself. Check it out:
As for the rest of my clothes: my shirt is thrifted, my tights are suuuper old - can't remember where they're from - and my shoes are from Naot. Also, the pinafore is made out of a thrifted bedsheet and thrifted buttons! p.s. It's National Op Shop week in Australia right now, so there's never been a better excuse to go visit your local thrift shop. Even if you don't live in Australia, you're allowed to celebrate it too ;) Not only are you saving clothes from landfill, this is where your money goes when you buy from an op shop.

Have a lovely day,

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  1. Oooooh, such a pretty pinafore! :)
    I actually used very similar thrifted bedsheet to line a backpack I made because classes are starting soon... But there's still enough left to make a skirt if I want to... Perhaps I could give this pinafore skirt a try (I've never made a pinafore skirt). :D Do you have photos of the back of your pinafore / instructions on how to make one? :)

    1. OH! I totally should have mentioned - I filmed the making of this, and will have a tutorial up on my blog within a week! :) Get yourself some of these: (overall clips) to be ready for it ;)

      Oooooh lining a backpack with this kind of fabric would also look sooo pretty, I have lots of this fabric left too so maybe I'll use it to do something similar to that! haha

    2. Awesome, looking forward to that! *thumbs-up*
      And yeah my back-to-school backpack turned out very nice - very militant on the outside and then very flowery on the inside :D
      (Picture: )

    3. Holy wow, that's AMAZING! That looks 100% professional.
      Did you use a tutorial for that?? I would love to know, if you did!

    4. OH! and I thought that was a stargate symbol ;) so fantastic!

    5. Thanks, can't take ALL the credit though... since I am lazy I took the brown leather parts off of an existing bag I'd thrifted earlier, and just made the body of the backpack out of fabric.

      And I didn't really follow a tutorial, it was more of a combination of tutorials, not just one... one tutorial on how to make a pocket in the lining, how to line a backpack etc... Pinterest and Youtube have wonderful tutorials if you search "DIY backpack" or something like that. I followed some tutorials and then some parts I just kind of made up myself? Like none of the tutorials I found had instructions on how to make a zipper on top of the backpack and have it in between the the layers of fabric, so I just sort of winged it... :D

      Here's a tutorial for in-lining pocket:
      And here's one for a lined backpack (no zipper on top though):

    6. That is exactly how I sew! Steal bits from here and there and a pocket from a random shirt and buttons from another blouse... haha.
      It's such a good idea to take bits off an old backpack. I have wanted to make a backpack for ages, but felt intimidated by all the different parts I had to make and then assemble, so this seems like a nice way to ease into it. And I'm super impressed on how professional it all looks (especially the zipper!) - that's so cool. Thanks for those links :) xx

  2. Your outfit is so cute, love your diy pinafor (go you!) and floral tights equally :)

  3. Love the stripe and floral combination! Great look!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  4. You pinafore is beautiful- go you! It looks super well made as well you should be very very proud.

  5. Shut up! You made that?! It looks SO. GOOD. The pattern is absolutely perfect - bravo!


  6. It looks amazing, Annika! Great job! :)

  7. That pinafore is so pro <3
    Looks amazing on you!

  8. That pinafore is a AMAZING! Is there anything you can't do? (You don't have to answer that lol)

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  9. Loveee! Pinafores are my favorite!


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