Sunday, 12 July 2015

Thrifted Transformations | Get Sewing With Me #5

Sometimes you buy a couple of things from the thrift shop and they just sit around unworn forever because they're just not really very interesting (much like in my shirt video!)
That was the case with the navy dress pictured below. 

Then, I found a shirt with daisies on it on a subsequent thrift-shopping trip, and immediately knew that the two were destined to be together!

I love before-and-after shots, so here's mine:

People often say to me "My thrift shops suck! You're so lucky to have good thrift shops where you live!" But half the skill of thrifting is being able to see the potential to transform clothes from something that's otherwise fairly bland and boring. Inspired by Coolirpa's Thrifted Transformations series, I'm going to attempt to upcycle these two thrifted items into something that I would much prefer to wear!

Enjoy :)

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  1. Whoa, this feels so weird because I just found Coolirpa's channel by accident two days ago, watched like all her videos in one day, and now all of a sudden you're talking about her! :D

    I really love the daisy dress. I also love how the headband thing looks on you, but for some reason I can never make headbands work for myself. Either they look weird or slip right off my head (weird-shaped head? Slippery hair? Who knows....)

    I love this "get sewing with me" series and I hope to see more of them in the future ^_^

    (Also, I have made so many dresses with the help of your circle skirt tutorial video, I have to thank you for that yet again. I've also started making dresses out of thrifted tablecloths that are oval shaped - less hemming if you use the already hemmed curved edges! :D Last time I added Totoro pockets, those turned out really nice too.)

    1. wow, dresses made out of tablecloths! I admire your creativity :)

      Why Buy? DIY!

    2. It's either creativity or laziness, because like I said, less hemming if you use already hemmed edges :D :D

    3. I've done that before, hehe! p.s. Gingham table clothes make the BEST circle skirts. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, and sorry about my super slow reply!
      AND TOROTO POCKETS OMG. How cute!!!! I want to see photos!

    4. Too bad gingham isn't that popular in my corner of the world, I never seem to find any tablecloths in gingham!
      Here's the tablecloth Totoro dress:

  2. love the before and after shots Annika! Doubly love your creativity and promoting recycling while juggling scientific based studies as well. Hope all your exams went well btw :)

  3. Annika, love the video! A great project for crazy fans of upcycling like myself hehehe :))))

    Thanks for introducing Coolirpa`s channel - she has great inspirational videos. And yes I do want to see more of "get sewing with me" series :)

    Why Buy? DIY!

  4. Great idea Annika! The daisy dress is very beautiful!!
    Your headband is cute too, I love how you find every piece of fabric useful :)
    I also love Coolirpa's channel very much- she has such great ideas!

    (from A Golden Picnic)

  5. Hello, my name is Samira and I love reading fashion blogs. I always wanted to start my own. I already take photos of my outfits (but just for me). I'm not sure how to start my blog or even what site to use. Can you help?


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