Friday, 3 July 2015

Mini Clothing Line Launch & Outfits of the Week!

For the past couple of months I've been working with the company Reelstyle to design and release my very own mini clothing line (that's been ethically manufactured!) and I'm SO SO SO excited to finally be able to talk about it and to show you all the results!!
It was both very interesting, and at some times frustrating, to be involved behind-the-scenes in the design process! One thing I learned - it takes a long time to go from initial concept to final realization. I started working on this project back in March! And as for the frustration, I was limited to producing only t-shirts for this collection. Furthermore, the designs on those shirts were limited in both size and colour - each colour that I added would add extra cost to its manufacturing!

Nonetheless, working under these limitations I was still able to create three pieces that I'm think accurately represent my personality and style, and that I'm proud to put my name to!
The three shirts are inspired by Japanese street style, vintage patterns and designs, and all things kitsch. This pastel pink shirt was designed to look really good with gingham, denim and red lipstick. The bow also is a sly reference to the Sailor Scouts!
I also fell in love, a little while back, with this Fiona Hewitt kitsch deer design and 1960s fawn knickknacks like these! I wanted to evoke this in my t-shirt.  I was also inspired by my friend Katie, who once wore a bambi jumper with a brooch saying "hello" in a genius pairing. In a pastel peach colour, this shirt looks great with denim, black and white, and anything with orange tones in it!
For an extra pop of kitschy-ness, you might be able to see that the deer even has little eyelashes.
And finally - I love anything with a food print on it. And who doesn't want strawberry boobs? This shirt looks best paired with high-waisted jeans and pleated tennis skirts.

All the shirts can be purchased from here.

Anyway, here's the accompanying video, where you can see the shirts in motion and also hear me ramble on about them (in the latter half of the video!)

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  1. These are so cute I can't even decide my favourite! Kudos to you for making sure its ethically produced! Its so easy to bypass that these days which is so sad.

  2. Anika, congratulations!!! This is such an amazing news!!!! Love your collection! I do think there is never enough cute t-shits out there, especially the ethically made ones!!!
    My favorite is the strawberries one :) I so want strawberry boobies ahahahaha :D

    You did an amazing job styling them. My favorite outfits are the one with the white skirt (obviously, since I love the blue t-shirt ) and the one with the DIY skirt - the skirt looks amazing!

    Thanks for sharing, Anika! Wish you good sales!

    Why Buy? DIY!

  3. The tops are really cute but no where on the website can I find any information about their manufacturing process, how did you decide it was ethical?

    1. Well, I've had a close relationship with the Reelstyle team for the past couple of months, and talked to them about their manufacturing process - and so unless they're flat-out lying to me and all the other people working with Reelstyle, everything from their site is made in North America in states where there's an enforced minimum wage. I guess I can't be absolutely 100% certain they're not totally evil and lying about everything...... (although that would be weird.), but getting on a plane and flying over to north america was not an option for me at this point :) But if I was ever to do a much larger clothing collection (fingers crossed for sometime in the future!!) I'd definitely want to check out the factories in person!

  4. Congratulations! :) It seems to be a very exciting experience! Nice designs and choice of colours, best of luck! :)

  5. The t-shirts are so beautiful! And ethical!! I hope you get the change to make more items soon :)

  6. CONGRATS! Everything looks super cute and fantastic- very little Pineneedley indeed! and your new red hair looks bomb btw
    I'm glad you have met skepticism with reality (i.e. you havent blindly defended the company you are associated with, in light of any hard evidence). That in itself speaks volumes about your integrity, both as a scientist and fashion blogger :)

  7. I'm so happy for you :D this is great!
    Love the designs and love the new video <3

  8. I just found your blog recently, but I already love it so much :) The cherry bow shirt is so cute

  9. Ahh this is so exciting!! Your T-shirt's are adorable!


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