Monday, 8 June 2015

My Shirt Is Flirting With You ;) | Make, Thrift, Buy #19

Hey cuties! 

I made a new make thrift buy video featuring this very flirty shirt. Yay embroidery! Embroidery is pretty much the best thing to do to relax your mind and give your hands something to fidget with (if you're a fidgety person like me), and in this video I go through two embroidery techniques which are among the most basic and necessary techniques used to embroider!

Make all your collars pretty, and enjoy! ;)
(p.s. if you're wondering where the original ep. 19 went, have a look in the video description on youtube!)

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  1. What a super cute shirt! I love it! :D
    Also I really like your blog header too :)


  2. this is so cute! embroidery is so good- AND you can usually get lots of cheap unused thread from op shops in their craft section! :)

  3. Love this! So simple and sooo cute <3

  4. Hey sweet!! I love and look forward to all of your make thrift buy diy videos and blog posts!!! i was wondering, could you make this angel wings shirt from this url?? it has angel wings on the back of the shirt and i want to learn how to make it!!! if you have other make/thrift/buy ideas, that's okay too!! here is the link for the angel wings shirt::

    thank you in advance for anything!!!! <333


  5. Annika, such a cute shirt!!! I want to make one too!!! aww you have inspired me for sooo many DIYs :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    Why Buy? DIY!


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