Sunday, 24 May 2015

My Week In Outfits #3 + My Birthday!

Hello everyone! Today I turn 23 years old.

I celebrated last night by being a birthday lion and hanging out with my besties, including, of course, Katie from Buddle and Squeak!
However, most of my week doesn't consist of me wearing onesies (in the daytime. As soon as I get home from uni, it's straight into the snuggly lion onesie for me). I really liked all my outfits last week, so I filmed them all and made a little video with them! Enjoy :)

Let me know which days outfits were your favourites!

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  1. Happy (belated) 23rd Birthday! I hope you had an awesome day and that your research is going well- that lion onesie is definitely the best thing to wear for lounging around at home :)

  2. Seeing you wear outfits like this gives me courage to be more daring in my own dressing

  3. Lovely outfits all around, and Happy Birthday of course! Also your blog header is super rad. :)

  4. Happy birthday!!!:D AAAH!! KIGURUMI!!! I've always wanted the Dinosaur or the bunny one! I'm gonna save my money and buy the cheap one in taobao lol ._.

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Annika!
    I really love these outfit posts, I get a lot of inspiration from them. You looks fabulous and adorable, as always! :)

  6. Happy Bday. I luv all of ur outfits!

  7. Happy Birthday! Love the outfits!

  8. You must have had a wonderful bday with your friends <3 Happy belated bday :)

    Awesome video! So many cute outfits.
    Loved Tuesday the most. It's such a cool look!
    Thank you for making these wonderful videos <3

  9. Hello there! I love everything about your blog and youtube, I've been reading it for almost two years now if I'm correct! I was just wondering if you were still pursuing a science career? You've really inspired me to go towards a job in biomed and still have art/fashion on the side. I hope to see more soon! Thank you ~ (Oh! And happy birthday!)

    1. I am! I am studying part time due to my illness, so I'm not going to finish my degree for one billion years haha, but I am still doing molecular biology and now getting really into microbiology too! :D Thank you for your lovely comment :)

  10. happy birthday blogging queen! May you always stay creative and beautiful!

    love, polly

  11. We have the same birthday! Hope you had as great a time as I did. :)

  12. Seriously, not only is your wardrobe amazing but you are also seriously talented in the video editing department!!!!


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