Friday, 8 May 2015

My Week In Outfits #2

I got such wonderful feedback from my last "My Week In Outfits" video that I really wanted to make another one - so here it is! Unfortunately I didn't film what I was doing out-and-about this time because most of last week consisted of going to doctors appointments and and doing assignments, and that would have been super, super boring haha. Nonetheless, I hope that you all still like this video! Let me know which outfit was your favourite!
p.s. I've been having a mini-dilemma over what to "label" my style. Not that it really matters, but it was something I was thinking about when trying to come up with a video title (obviously, I gave up in the end and just called it "My Week In Outfits #2"). But, if you had to, how would you sum up my style in a short sentence?

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  1. I would say that your style seems feminine and whimsical but edgy. It's hard to put a box around that, but it's very unique.
    Love the outfit with the green sweater, it's very collegiate.

  2. You have such a wonderful, quirky style! I love it! :)

  3. kitschy meets kawaii? I've always liked your style, also because we both love novelty items eg. your carrot scarf and little farm house purse :)

  4. Really liked the video last time and this one is great too! Hope you're work is going well :)

  5. I would call it "highly stylized prep". Almost costumey. And always wonderful!

  6. Eclectic vintage :)

  7. ANNIKA I'M CRYING I love this video so so much! You are just so endlessly inspiring! I think my favorite outfit is the strawberry one, but I also love Saturday's look and you look so darn cute on sunday... I guess I just love them all :'33 <3

  8. Hey Annika, I noticed you had a few things from Dangerfield and Princess highway. Do you know if clothing from those labels are ethically produced? I try to buy most of my clothes second-hand but Dangerfield is a bit of a weak spot for me so I would love to hear if they are on the ethical side.

    Love your blog. It always make me happy when you put a new post up, especially if it's a sewing video :)

    1. Hey anon,
      I'm actually really not sure. I would say that they're probably not totally ethical, but they're probably nowhere near the worst, either. I actually just went and bought these without checking first - probably the first "new" clothes I've bought in a long long time without doing some research! - because I'd just left a scary doctors appointment and needed some serious shopping therapy and dangerfield was right nearby haha. *excuses*
      Anyway, Dangerfield is definitely a weak spot for me too, but this is all that I could find regarding their ethics:
      So, they have an "ethical statement", so they're at least thinking about it(??) - but exactly what they do and how they put that into effect is a total unknown. I guess it's always a good sign that they're not supporting super cheap-and-fast-fashion - Dangerfield items certainly ain't cheap! - but it's not always a guarantee that the items have been ethically produced, either. It's just *more likely* that their garment makers have been paid a slightly more decent wage than if they were making $5 tops.

      tl;dr, I honestly don't know. They're probably alright, but they're probably not amazing, either.

    2. oops, this link may work better:

  9. Eeeep, I was so glad you made more of these videos <3 <3
    I'm just always sooo excited to see what you've been wearing that it's totally okay that this video wasn't filmed in different locations (like the first one). Love this video to bits :D

    It's super hard to pick favourite from this bunch. Too many cute details in every single outfit!
    I'm crazy about your Monday's DIY dress. And Sunday really stands out with its colour scheme.


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