Thursday, 14 May 2015

DIY Toast Pockets Skirt | MTB #17

Hooray! I finally got around to doing this Make Thrift Buy challenge that I've wanted to do since way back in October last year. It took me so long to get around to it that the original skirt (by Lazzari) is not longer in stores... haha *oops* - BUT on the other hand, that's even better for all the people who missed out on it (or couldn't afford it - it was $200), because now you'll be able to make one for yourself!

As mentioned in the video, I made some toast designs available for download.

(that was a weird sentence to write)

I hope that you've all been having a wonderful week,

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  1. you are literally too cute- and I love your *matching* fried egg brooch too!

  2. AHH!! How cute is this?!?! I loveeeee love love this idea. I just had a fashion show where I HAND SEWED dresses and I'm lovingggggg this fabric glue alternative. Would've saved me some time fo sure!! I love your clothes and DIY videos, and I totally agree with you--foodie clothes are 500% better than other clothes that aren't!! <333

    xoxoxoxox, Naomi |

  3. It was originally $200?? What a joke! I love yours!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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