Saturday, 30 May 2015

DIY Piano Dress | Make Thrift Buy #18

Presenting: one of my favourite Make Thrift Buy's I have done thus far! I'm so soooo excited about this one, and I hope that heaps of you give it a go - because it can be done on pretty much ANY dress (or shirt, or skirt for that matter! The possibilities are endless!)

Watch the tutorial here:

Please tag your creations #diyannika on instagram if you try it (or any of my other tutorials) out!

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  1. Hi
    Make Thrift Buy ?

  2. That dress turned out amazing <3 excellent job!

  3. That's totally cute!!

  4. I think it's safe to say one really can throw around the word "genius" when it comes to referring to you, miss...

  5. The stuff you make is absolutely amazing! I've been following you and your youtube for a while and you really inspired me to start my own blog and sorta of a youtube! It'd be amazing if you checked my blog out ! I love you!


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