Friday, 6 March 2015

How To Make Your Own Underwear | Get Sewing With Me #2

YOU GUYS. I figured out how to make my own underwear, which brings me one step closer to having an entirely handmade wardrobe! (Next up is figuring out how to make bras!)

In this latest video, I'm going to show you how to make your own! You can make these out of any lightweight stretchy cotton jersey fabrics, including old t-shirts. 
If you try this or any of my other tutorials out, snap a picture and upload it to instagram using #diyannika.

I hope that you're all having a beautiful day!

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  1. wow.nice post.
    and it's so cute.

  2. Definitely going to try this! Thanks for sharing. :]
    ♡ Dulce

  3. This is so cute, and handy to know! I love handmade underwear. Xo, Ellen

  4. Who would have thought making underwear could be so easy?! I didn't!! Thank you for this :)


  5. Turned out awesome! Thank you!


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