Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cherries, Gingham and a DIY T-Shirt (and a new video! - Get Sewing With Me #3)

Gingham is probably my favourite pattern for clothing right now. Anything gingham = good. Does anyone else do this thing where you get really obsessed with a particular print or pattern, and before you know it your entire wardrobe is 99% things with that pattern??
It reminds me of when everything had to be bird-print a couple of years back. I'm still cleaning the birds out of my closet.
Gingham is my favourite right now because it immediately alludes (aesthetically at least) to a sunny day in the 1950s spent picnicking on fresh fruit in a luscious green meadow - and so it gives any outfit that I wear gingham in this happy, kitschy, retro vibe.
So when I found this second-hand gingham-patterned shirt, I couldn't go past it! But unfortunately, while it had the right pattern on it, it was a little bit boring and shapeless. So, I saved it with the power of upcycling, and turned into both a cropped-tee and a matching headband!

Here's a couple more pictures of me being super chuffed with myself in my new upcycled shirt (without the matching headband):
Side note: This is another one of my fabulous vintage skirts that fits me much better since I've gained weight! #yayweightgain
I'm finding so many of these in the deep, dark depths of my wardrobe, it's very exciting stuff :D
Outfit details:
Shirt is DIY (patch is from Hong Kong) 
Skirt is thrifted vintage
Shoes are Naot (Kedma)
Socks are Tutuanna (Japan)

Science of the Day

This is a bit self-promotey, but it's totally still science SO IT COUNTS. My partner and I just released episode #2 of our new podcast (you can download/subscribe on iTunes here)! In this episode, we look at the myth that "Diet coke (and artificial sugar) gives you cancer". 
Does diet coke give you cancer?
We would love some suggestions of possible-science-myths to explore in future episodes, although we're already planning the next couple - number #3 will look at the podcast's namesake - the 10% of the brain myth, where it comes from and why it persists (as I don't think that many people actually believe in that one but it's interesting to know why its such a persistent myth!) and episode #4 is going to look at the notion that "redheads/blondes are going extinct".

Give episode #2 a listen, and if you do, we would super appreciate your feedback!

I wrote an article for Birdee where I slam some silly op-shopping misconceptions, and I also provide some thrifting tips! Have a read here if you haven't already!

That's it from me - I hope that you're all having a really lovely week,

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  1. It's so great discovering a fellow australian blogger! Particularly since your interests coincide with mine so uh.. May have been a little creepy stalking of old posts *please don't be afraid. But your Koenji post was the reason it was my first stop when I went to tokyo!

  2. I love your top, well done on the upcycling of it, it looks great and works so well with the full skirt. I also love gingham, it's just such a happy pattern. That is very cool about your postcast, I'll take a listen especially to the blonde/redhead one I wouldn't like to think I was going extinct! haha Lianne x

  3. I think I have that same embroidery hoop! Did you get yours from Daiso? Also! this video: was on my watch next bar of youtube after I watched one of your videos and I thought you might be interested in trying this DIY as well! novelty handbags are the best <3__<3


    1. Oh, thanks for the link! :) I've actually seen it before but you reminded me that I wanted to try it, haha. The slight problem with that diy is that they use cardboard which I don't think would be very durable for a handbag, so I wanted to see if I could use thick canvas instead! :)

    2. Ps I sure did get it from daiso ;)

  4. I love how you are so optimistic that people don't think the 10% brain myth is true. There are so many things we are taught when we are younger that aren't true and it is honestly had to convince people. I think most people who are going to listen to the podcast would know that we do use more than 10% of our brains.

    Weight gain/loss can be cool because it opens up new options in the closet. I keep a lot of my clothing that is a little too big just in case. Hopefully my tastes don't change THAT much lol

  5. The cherry motif is too cute! :]
    ♡ Dulce

  6. Your top is super cute, it's always great to see how a tiny detail can uplift everything! :)
    Have a great day! :)

  7. You are making me wish I could go thrifting more often! My wardrobe is about 75% thrifted at this point (or hand-me-down), and it's amazing how much you find if you dig for things, visit often, and know the right places! I loved reading your article about op-shopping; I was pretty much nodding the entire time. I've heard almost every one of the excuses for why people don't thrift (dirty! secondhand? ew! I never find things! everything's too expensive for a thrift store!) and I've given most of the same reasons you had.

    Your shirt turned out perfectly (but your projects usually do!) I need to get my sewing machine out to fix some of my older thrifted garments sitting in the mend pile for hemming and such. And that skirt reminds me of one that I have; it's so pretty and flowing!

  8. I was just thinking I'd suggest the "redheads going extinct" myth before I read on and saw you were already addressing that one! Hooray for explaining basic genetics to people!
    Also I definitely understand loving a pattern and then ending up with way too many pieces in the same print. I do that with leopard and polka dots.

    Jamie |

  9. Super cute shirt! My pattern obsession is almost always paisley & yes I own waay too much of it!




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