Sunday, 8 February 2015

Farewell Hong Kong! & Winning at Rock, Paper, Scissors

I can't believe it, but I only have 3 days left in Hong Kong until I fly back home to Sydney! I'm already feeling nostalgic and I haven't even left yet.

These photos were taken on our last night staying in Tsim Sha Tsui, around 2 weeks ago. When we first arrived at this particular apartment, exhausted from our plane trip and in a new, strange place, we absolutely hated this area - because as soon as you descend into the street you are assaulted by hawkers trying to sell you suits and fake watches, and on a Friday and Saturday night you can't shuffle more than 2 steps without crashing into someone. But the place grew on us, and when the time came we were actually sad to leave! On our last night here, we took photos, drank wine on the rooftop and then did my favourite thing in the world - tipsy nighttime shopping!
However, the next place we stayed at ended up being this rural island jungle paradise, in a place where water buffalos roam down the street every now and then - so, leaving Tsim Sha Tsui didn't seem too bad after that.
The one place that I was sad about leaving behind for the island life, though, was the Mee & Gee on Granville road (vlogged about in this video!) - because it was there that I bought this dress! It just fits me perfectly, flatters my curves in all the right places and is the perfect vintage length.
And I also got these super cute socks from a shop that was also a 5 minute walk from our apartment, called id:c. You can't tell because I have shoes on, but they're actually toe socks, with cute sheep and smiley clouds and other characters on the toes! I've decided that toe socks are one of my new favourite things. You can't be unhappy in a pair of toe socks.
Dress is from Me & George | necklace c/o Eclectic Eccentricity | socks from id:c (Hong Kong) | shoes are Naot

Leila also got this incredible vintage dress from Mee & Gee, and so I convinced her that both her and her new dress needed to make another appearance on my blog, and took these pretty photos! Everything about the dress is pretty much perfect - the print, the bright colours and the gorgeous buttons on the cuffs.
Dress is from Mee & Gee | various rings and watch are all thrifted

For all you statistic-loving, psychology-minded people out there, or if you're just super competitive (I'm both): I watched this really cool video from Numberphile the other day that shows you how you can always win at rock, paper, scissors, and wanted to share it.
But hang on Annika, isn't rock, paper, scissors just all about chance?
Nope, not when human minds are involved.

Follow these rules and always ask to play for best out of 3, and you're pretty much guaranteed to always win (unless the person you're playing has also watched this video - soo, fingers crossed that none of my friends read my blog!):

I hope that you've all had a wonderful weekend! Love, 

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  1. Cute black&white dress :) M&MFASHIONBITES

  2. Love both of these dresses, what great finds. And this is why I always win at paper, scissors, rock haha!

  3. This dress looks great on you! I'm loving your cute little cherry socks too. That's awesome that they're toe socks. I haven't worn a pair of those in ages! Maybe I still have some in a drawer somewhere....

    Jamie |

  4. Do you do all your drawings and coding yourself for the header? Really like them!

  5. I haven't had toe socks in forever - and somehow had forgotten about how very awesome they are until this moment! Suddenly nostalgic for amazing 90s fashion.

    Sounds like you had such an amazing time in Hong Kong! All of your pictures, stories, and amazing shopping finds have inspired me to add HK to my dream list of destinations. :)

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

  6. really love the red dress.
    nice photos.

  7. Wow, I love the rich colours in your friend's dress. It looks so beautiful with her hair. I generally have an added theory about rock, paper, scissors is that most guys play rock first and that people dislike paper and play it less cause it seems more vulnerable somehow.

  8. I love these photos, you're so cute! Hong Kong looks amazing, have a safe trip home!


  9. this location is soooo dreamy! I wish I could visit Hong Kong sometime in my life! :)

    love, polly


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