Saturday, 21 February 2015

DIY Daisy Boobs Tee | Make Thrift Buy #14

My sewing machine and overlocker were the first thing that I hugged when I got back to my house after a month away (my boyfriend came to pick me up from the airport - so don't worry, he was actually the first thing to be hugged!). Getting back into making clothes after a month away felt SO good - I think that I was having DIY withdrawals overseas, and even all the amazing thrift shops in Hong Kong couldn't satiate me!

So I started with a fairly simple tutorial to get back into the swing of making things - nonetheless, I hope that you all enjoy this video!

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  1. Such a cute DIY project! It's a fantastic top for summer time. I love these videos you put together.

    Jamie |

  2. More science, Annika!! :) Love your posts

  3. I've never considered using paper to prevent the hem from stretching. Thanks for the tip! :]
    ♡ Dulce

  4. I'm obsess with your videos! they are so fresh and cool !


  6. Hello!!!! I love the Make, Thrift, Buy series and I was hoping you could do this dress from Zara:
    (Some online stores have dupes of this dress too)

    Thanks a bunch!!!!

  7. Are you doing a thrift haul to show off anything you bought in Hong Kong??

  8. Hi Annika! I love your MTB series, and I've been inspired to take up sewing again (even though I suck horribly).

    I was wondering if you had any insight on how to make a romper/ dolman top like this:

    Thanks! <3


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