Saturday, 13 December 2014

Boobs! & Being In Print

(How many of you clicked onto this post because of the word "Boobs!" in the title? I hope at least a couple of you did.)

For whatever reason, at age 22 my boobs have decided that they're finally going to grow. 
After a number of angsty teenage years of being frustrated by my lack of boob - constantly comparing myself to my peers, despising how I looked in swimsuits and wearing the most ridiculously padded bras - I'd finally become totally comfortable with having an A-cup chest, and didn't feel like I needed to change, or pretend I had some giant bust. Small boobs are just as valid as big ones!

But then out of nowhere - BAM. My bust increased by several sizes. This was mostly annoying, as I now no longer fit in most of the clothes I have taken years to accumulate (I guess this is an excuse to update my entire wardrobe...?). However now I've decided that I'm going to capitalise on the situation instead, and enjoying (when I feel like it) having a whole lot of cleavage that's never existed before. I've gone on a bit of a nice-bra-buying-binge, such as getting myself this Dita Von Teese bra that you can see the top of in the photos below:
top - thrifted | jacket - vintage | jeans - Dotti (old) | necklace - c/o Now or Never | bra - Dita Von Teese | shoes - Yeswalker (old)

And I'm trying my best to embrace all my new curves. I hadn't been 100% happy about the appearance of a little tummy either, nor the stretch marks that cover my upper-thighs - but I'm trying my hardest to stop exclusively wearing clothes that hide those "flaws", because they're actually not flaws and I'm going to own them, and wear all the skinny jeans and high-cut swimsuits that I want.
So guess who is now a published writer in a real-life newspaper? 
Meeee! (posing in a bunch of swimsuits, no less)
Most of you probably know that I write for Birdee magazine (and, by the way, I just wrote a new article.) Anyway, Birdee have just recently released their first ever newspaper - and it's amazing. I'm not just saying that because I'm in it - it's legitimately such a great and needed publication, being the first ever feminist newspaper for young wom*n in Australia. This swimsuit article was a reworking of an article I had already had published on the Birdee website, but there's many fresh pieces inside and it'll keep you occupied for hours. You can either buy it from the Birdee website or many newsagents around Australia (click here for the list).
Support this thing if you can afford it (it's only $4!) because it would be a very worthy publication to be available to young wom*n in Australia on a regular basis! (You can even buy it if you live overseas, the shipping is just a little bit more costly).

Oh! And just one last thing if you didn't see it already on my facebook or instagram page:
The reason that I haven't blogged in a little while is because I got a new sewing machine & overlocker, and have been having so much fun playing around on them, including making this dress! I made this from scratch using a pattern that I made myself, and I'm now working on a tutorial for my youtube channel! So keep an eye out for that if you are interested.

Much love,

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  1. Ok, first of all, you don't have a tummy. Second, you go girl! No need to hide things you think are 'flaws', you really are gorgeous. And as for the boob growing..I'm not going to say I'm not a little jealous. That bra is adorable :)

  2. Wooo! congrats on being published in Birdee. I've never read it but I think that now I might pick the newspaper up if it becomes available in Perth, it looks wonderful. You're completely right, there is such a gap in the market for a newspaper/ magazine that makes people feel empowered. You look great by the way! :)

  3. This outfit is so cute, Annika, and girl, your body is bangin'! Congratulations on being published in Birdee, and goodness, I love that dress you made so much!

    xox Sammi

  4. ah I want your hair right now! it is so so pretty.
    also congrats on being published. and yay for body positivity <3

  5. Body positivity can be a difficult thing to apply to yourself - especially when things change! But good on you for giving it a go! You look lovely, and congrats on being published!

  6. You are super gorgeous, but more importantly an amazing inspirational gal! I have big love for you! Yay for booobs! I was similar to you, except I still had kinda big boobs for my age when I was young, then they stayed the same for ages, then I started uni and put on weight and it all went to my boobs and then my ass! Only a good thing, my ass was such a skinny little thing I needed the extra mush for comfort! The not fitting into my clothes thing was a huge bummer though cos I can't afford much being a student and I found it very confusing trying to figure out what suited me! xo

  7. Blooming 'eck, you look STUNNING! Your figure is sensational!

  8. What a great newspaper - there needs to be more things like that out there for young girls! Less of the bad stuff. Awesome post, by the way. I definitely share some of your sentiments. And lastly, you are oh so talented, that dress you made is superb! You always blow me away with your creations.

  9. Wow Annika. Love the overall look! You look absolutely gorgeous. (the hair!)
    And congrats on being published :)

    Lookbook Store

  10. That bra is so cute! Well, what I can see of it lol. Congrats on being in print, you rule!


  11. i love your outfit! Running the risk of sounding creepy, you are really pretty just the way you are, you shouldn't not wear stuff to hide your "flaws" becaue your perfect!


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