Sunday, 23 November 2014

Oh hey there, Summer (plus my 5 favourite science podcasts)

Dress is thrifted (All About Eve) | socks from Glebe Markets | necklace c/o I Love Crafty | banana brooch - handmade by me | glasses from Glebe Markets | shoes c/o Choies (old)

Thank you to the dude who sold me this All About Eve dress for $15 at Glebe Markets on Saturday. He seemed disappointed that I haggled him down from $20, and I now realise why - this dress is still in stores, retailing for $80. So I am pretty happy with myself for picking it up second-hand (#hagglers4lyf). And, I'm sorry guy, but I will super enjoy the dress this summer (if that's any consolation). It's super light, easy to throw on and has the cutest summery print!

One of the things that I enjoy most about the summer is binging on podcasts. I am obsessed with podcasts, particularly science podcasts. Being both free and regularly released, and they're perfect for listening to while sewing, catching public transport or taking long, lazy afternoon walks. (Illustrations in below photo are by Em Somerville.)
  Annika's 5 all-time-favourite science podcasts:
Radiolab (website)
I actually discovered Radiolab after someone mentioned it on a blog post of mine (thank you, if you're reading)! I then proceeded to listen to every single episode. Radiolab is amazing - as well as science they also have a focus on sound production and effects, so it's as pleasing an experience for your ears as much as it is for your brain. I recommend that you start with the Colours episode, followed by Stochasicity, followed by Black Box.

The Infinite Monkey Cage (website)
Brian Cox and Robin Ince manage the perfect combination of science and comedy in their live panel podcast, featuring both science writers and comedian panelists such as Stephen Fry and Ross Noble. Their discussions often venture into philosophy and the broader implications of science on culture and technology. I've only just started listening, but I'm already hooked. I highly recommend the episodes "Irrationality" and "Can Science Save Us?"

Sawbones (website)
Sawbones takes you on a tour through Western medical history - and it does a good job of making you appreciate being alive in the 21st Century in the time of science-based-medicine, which while it isn't perfect, is a far cry from drinking goats blood to treat hayfever, hiding horseshoes to cure the hiccups, giving opium to children to get them to sleep, or treating headaches by drilling a hole in your head (listen to the episode "trepanation" for that one). It's funny, haunting and educational all at the same time.

Skeptics With A K (website)
From Merseyside in the UK, Skeptics with a K focuses more on scientific skepticism and regularly covers topics such as debunking ghosts, homeopathy and psychics, as well as discussions about placebo, peer review and scientific design. With their new PhD panelist Alice, it now also has a good dose of molecular biology thrown into the mix. The thing that I really love about Skeptics with a K is that the podcasters manage to both be hilariously offensive and the most genuinely lovely people all at the same time. Highly recommended for anyone who likes to take a critical look at the media they consume.

The Naked Scientists (website)
A recap on the science news of the week, as well as answering questions that you never realised you were curious about until now, such as "why do your eyes water when you yawn" and "why do chameleons change colour"?

Do any of you have some good podcast recommendations (science or not! And on the topic of not-science podcasts, listen to SERIAL podcast if you haven't already - oh my, it's good. You'll all be hooked.)

Much love,

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  1. Those socks are absolutely darling!
    I'd definitely recommended the Probaby Science podcast. Most weeks, it's a bunch of comedians discussing the week in science, but they also sometimes have actual scientist guests. I would definitely recommend their recent live episode with Tim Minchin and Darwinian feminist/primatologist Dr. Amy Parish. Absolutely fascinating :)

    1. Oh my gooooosssssh thank you, that sounds awesome. I recently sat right in front of Tim Minchin at a Rhys Darby gig. I was too nervous to turn around and even glance in his direction all night haha. He is one of my favourite comedians of all time, so that sounds perfect :) Thank you Nicola! x

  2. The dress looks nice! No wonder the guy doesn't want to let it go. You're so lucky you got it with such a low price. :)

    Life With Antlers

  3. My husband is really obsessed with Super Ego, which is a pretty hilarious sketch comedy podcast. I have always been a reader and a watcher, and it's hard for me to concentrate when all I can do is listen (I zone out very easily if my eyes aren't engaged!) but now that he's been listening to so many podcasts, I've started to enjoy them more! And the Naked Scientist sounds super interesting!
    I love that dress! I have one in a similar print that I thrifted a while back; it has a cutout back, which I LOVE. I can't wait for summer to wear it!
    Your lipstick is gorgeous.
    Eccentric Owl

  4. LOVE your dress! <3 I guess you love Big Bang Theory too, i'm obsessed!! (although I'm more a humanities girl...)

  5. I love the sunflower print on this dress- and your lipstick matches your hair too!

  6. Oh I love your dress! thanks for the podcast recommendations, I love skeptics with a k and sawbones! You should try skeptics guide to the universe (great science news) and No such thing as a fish (funny & interesting facts by the writers of the QI tv show). You might also like this american life (very similar to radiolab but not as science focussed) and stuff you should know.

  7. I love that dress & how you've styled it. Lucky you for having all the haggling skills!

  8. Gorgeous dress, I love the shape of it! I am super jealous that it's warm for you! So so cold in England, just bundling up as warm as I can! xo
    amber love

  9. Thanks for the podcast recommendations! I'll have to check out the skeptics one and The Infinite Monkey Cage sounds great too.
    In other news, this sunflower dress is so cute and looks super comfy. I love the 90s vibe going on here. You got it for such a great deal too! I also love the pineapple socks paired with it. Very cute summer look.

    Jamie |

  10. What a spectacular dress! I love a good sunflower print - so bright and happy, how could one not smile?! And that cat lady necklace definitely speaks to my heart. I couldn't agree more also, podcasts are great to listen to while doing crafts or sewing.

  11. Love that outfit ! it's very summerish ;)

    And oh you changed your header banner! Fabulous :)


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