Sunday, 30 November 2014

Learning how to make up, thrifted red dresses and sailor hats

Hello! I'd like to introduce you all to my gorgeous friend Tilde (pronounced till-da), who runs the make up blog Powder Puff Girl. One of my goals this year has been to learn how to do make up properly - something I am embarrassingly lacking in knowledge about for a fashion blogger. As a consequence, it's never something that I've focused on on my blog before. My usual routine is: foundation, eyeliner, mascara. Maybe lipstick. Primer only if I'm feeling really adventurous. Done. What more can there be to it?

A lot more, apparently.

The make up below amounts to about half of Tilde's entire collection. 0_o

Today I learned that you can create fake shadows on your face, and that different shades of eyeshadow are reserved for different parts of the eye. You can prime your eyelids, highlight your waterline and shape your brows. This was all totally new to me.

I felt like I was exploring a totally alien world. After Tilde laid out her make up kit, I started picking things up things I didn't understand using them in totally the wrong way, having Tilde correct me: "No, Annika, that's beige eyeliner - not concealer - stop putting it on your chin" etc.
But, I still don't understand the need for all these brushes. SERIOUSLY. So. Many. Brushes. I don't even own one make up brush.
- I feel so out of my depth here.

Anyway, here's some before-and-after shots, and I'll let Tilde work her magic!
(To her credit, Tilde actually did use most of the brushes.)
And *drumroll* - our after shots!
I am wearing seventeen different products on my face. SEVENTEEN. (Tilde counted it as 16, but I am wearing 2 lipstick shades.)

Tilde has all the products applied to our faces listed on her blog if you want to know what was used!

Right now, I'm trying to convince Tilde to do some make up video tutorials with me on my youtube channel. Because not only do I think it'd be super useful for other people, I could watch them again myself, and from them learn how to do my own make up... ya'll should head over to her blog and bully convince her into it, if that's something you'd also find useful!

Of course, we also took some outfit photos! (see Tilde's on her blog)

Dress - thrifted | socks - Glebe Markets | hat - Tilde's | shoes - Naot

Can we please make sailor hats a thing, and like normalize them for everyday wear? I enjoyed wearing Tilde's way too much! Don't be surprised if I buy one & suddenly start wearing them in half of my outfit posts from now on...

Anyway, Tilde is giving me her Urban Decay "Naked" palette dupe, and I'm excited to start changing up my make up routine a little bit more! Please go easy on me if it doesn't look *amazing* to start off with, haha.

I hope that you're all having a gorgeous weekend,

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  1. Literal cutest! ♥♥♥♥♥ I look forward to seeing you getting more versed in my language!

  2. I love this whole look! Girl, your hair is getting prettier every time I see it. It looks so healthy right here.

    And what do you mean buy a sailor hat?? I think you're missing a grand DIY opportunity here! ;)

    1. Yes!! You're so very right. I definitely have to learn how to make these! How could it be any harder than a paper sailor hat..? ;)

  3. Please put some makeup tutorials up! for the greater good maybe? :P

  4. Love the dress. Your hair looks amazing at the moment also!


  5. That red dress is the cutest and your hair is super on point !

    Tegan || Permanent Procrastination


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