Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Fighting Evil By Moonlight & Organic Molecules in Space

Annika - shirt is thrifted, skirt c/o Faith & Lola, shoes c/o Chicwish (old), tights from Japan, earrings are handmade. 
Katie - dress is thrifted, shoes are mine (thrifted), socks from Clear It and brooch is vintage.

I'm glad I'm friends with someone who also gets the urge to go out on a freezing night, dressed up like a nightmarish barbie doll and take photos next to dumpsters. These photos were taken way-back-when in June, but I thought they would be a good set to pull out of the vault just in time for Halloween (I tell myself every year that I'm not going to jump on that bandwagon, but it inevitably happens).

Anyway, these shots did end up being fairly appropriate for a Halloween-themed shoot - mainly because of these shots I got of Katie looking throughly possessed (which I turned into an even creepier gif):
What... even. The funny thing is that we weren't even attempting any kind of demon-possession shots; Katie just happened to be jumping around, trying to stay warm, while I was trying to focus my camera on her. So we were SUPER freaked when we were later reviewing the photos and these shots popped up, because we couldn't even remember taking them!

I also want to bring attention to how cool this vintage (and Sailor Moon-esque) brooch of Katie's is:
You may also notice that I have a brand new blog banner! It's by the incredible Em Somerville whose art I have loved FOREVER. I'm so beyond pleased with it. While I loved my old header, this one is a much more accurate representation of what this blog is about - vintage-inspired fashion with a side of sewing and science. If you haven't checked out Em Somerville's artwork before, this is her website, and she also posts some pretty fantastic stuff on her instagram account.

Today I will leave you all with an awesome bit of science: A complex carbon-based molecule was found floating around in space, 27,000 light years away from Earth. I'm so blown away by the fact that astronomers are able to detect such a tiny thing (a molecule! You can't even see those with a light-microscope, let alone the naked eye) from such a long distance. But the researchers are pretty confident that it's out there. Furthermore, it's an organic molecule - which lends support to the theory that life-forming molecules may come from outer-space rather than being created on planets. Read more here, it's amazing.

I hope that you're all having a lovely day,

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  1. I love the new banner! :)
    And those photos are awesome (and also slightly creepy)...

    I hope you never stop posting these amazing science things, they are so interesting... I'm thinking about doing something similar in my blog, about my own "area" of studies (speech-language pathology), but haven't gotten around to it yet. Will you be terribly offended if I steal your idea?

    1. Do it do it do it!! I think that if I wasn't able to do science, Linguistics is something that I would be studying! Which is similar(?) to what you study? But you should totally do it! It would be really interesting I think :)

    2. Linguistics is somewhat different, as it's the general study of languages and how they work (I have a BA in English philology, which could be thought of as "English linguistics")... whereas I'm currently studying speech-language pathology to become a speech-language therapist, so I'll be helping people to communicate (like autistic children, children with specific language impairment, stroke patients who've lost their ability to speak, people with developmental disabilities or neurological disorders, people with voice disorders etc etc...)

    3. Oh cool! That's a really cool area to be studying & super valuable work, reading posts from someone who is passionate about the topic would be really interesting. It reminds me of a Radiolab story I heard a while ago that really impacted on me:
      have you read Susan Schaller's book?

    4. I have not read the book, but I'll have to check it out at some point! I listened to the podcast and it was really interesting. I also listened to the one where they talked with Jill Bolte Taylor (who had a brain hemorrhage), that was just... whoa. It's hard to imagine just essentially losing yourself, who you are, because you lose the constant information processing skill that we call "language". It just takes my breath away.

      I made a sort of introductory post about SLP in my blog, but it turned out as more of an introductory rant I'm afraid... :D (this tends to happen when I'm passionate about something :P) but check it out if you're interested:

      I'm thinking about doing a post about voice disorders and then another autism when I have time, as those are subjects I'm currently interested in...

  2. It's cool that you have this style of attaching science stuff on your post. I've recently adopted this habit of including bits of things I learn from my Psychology classes to my posts. :)

    Awesome photos, by the way!

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

  3. Ugh i wish i had friends to do this! You got your photos to look so great as well! I am terrible at nighttime photos, they always turn out blurry or out of focus!
    Also astronomers aren't the geniuses people think they are! They'll have detected the molecule through absorption spectra whereby the molecule absorbs (or emits) at a certain wavelength and that appears in spectra taken from the light that reaches Earth. I'm currently knee deep in a module on the ISM (interstellar medium) so it's basically spectra all day errrryday for me! :)

    1. Oh thank you so much! :D :D

      Hahaha, I was so hoping that you would comment on this :) See, I know that that's the basic idea behind it BUT IT STILL BLOWS MY MIND. How can you detect the spectra of such a tiny thing (of course, I know there's many many molecules there to detect, but still) from SUCH a huge distance - like, surely other stuff gets in the way??? All of that "interstellar medium" filling the space between Earth and those molecules?? hoooooowwww. you *are* a genius hahaha.

      I guess it's like when people are amazed by me cloning genes out of one species, and sticking it in another. To me it's just like "yeah, too easy" but to other people it's like WHAAAAT YOU'RE ACTUALLY FRANKENSTEIN.

  4. You have a Nice look ;) ... very fun.. but, you friend don't shave her underarms?

    1. No and why should she/why would you care if she does?

  5. Love the new blog banner and I laughed and love your collar - brilliant! And what an incredible bit of science that you shared, that's pretty insane!

  6. Oh, I love the new blog header! And these photos are so much fun! I miss having friends who would wander with me and take random photos -- well, that, and I can't do it as easily any more having a baby and all. But these are so fun! I love your tights!
    Cardigan Giveaway!

  7. This is soooooooo adoarable and creppy and cute. I follow you on instagram and I love all your pots and your blog is even cuter. Your banner is adorable and your fashion sense is just down right adorable. :)))
    xoxoxo Ashleigh


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