Saturday, 11 October 2014

Brighton Beach | Why is your brain inside your head?

Here's some photos from the vault! These shots were taken back when I visited Melbourne in July, while me & my mum were being touristy-tourists at the Brighton Beach bathing boxes.

Dress, cardigan, bag are thrifted | ring is from Retrostar Vintage | earrings are from Quick Brown Fox | necklace is c/o Eclectic Eccentricity | tights are from my shop (not currently open) | shoes are Naot

It was a typically-overcast, freezing Melbourne winters day, and I think that the amount of clashing patterns that I ended up wearing was more out of necessity (I didn't bring enough un-patterned clothes with me), than me making a fashion statement! Regardless of this, I'm always going to love wearing a ridiculous amount of clashing-patterns, so I didn't mind this forced fashion statement at all.

My mum decided that she wanted to get in on taking outfit photos too, so I present to you all: my mum's very first outfit post!
Can you see where I get my love of pattern-mixing from??
My mum would definitely have to be one of the biggest style influences in my life. She's never been afraid to rock up to work or any event wearing cute mary-janes, a gorgeous thrifted dress and the craziest/coolest patterned tights she can find! (p.s. you should all leave some super nice comments about how stylin' my mum is; she is my blog's number one fan and you will make her day, I guarantee you!)

So: embedded below is my favourite science video of the week!
Some things are just so ingrained that you don't even think about questioning them. Have you ever thought about why your brain is inside your head before?

No? Me either.

But the more you do think about it, the stranger it seems. Why isn't your brain tucked away inside your torso with your other vital organs like your stomach, heart and liver? What's it doing all the way up there, wobbling around on your neck, so far away from all the organs it has to communicate with?

Let this video blow your brain!

I hope that you've all had a great week,

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  1. That video was really interesting! I love your tights and apple earrings, and I love your mum's tights and skirt ^___^

  2. Ahh I love the colurs and prints here, plus that necklace is gorgeous. The video was super cool too <3

    The Quirky Queer

  3. Love the print of the tights. The video is very intersting!

  4. Seriously loving both you and your mom's style! You guys have the cutest tights and print mixing skills! My mom and I share a love for thrifted clothes too and Christmas always includes the exchange of all of our best dress finds for each other :)
    Xoxo hannah

  5. You look adorable (and so does your mom!). My mom is my biggest fashion influence, too. She's always had a "costume closet" and she sang in a very dramatic, costume-y rock band for many years, so I definitely get my sense of style from her. Oh, and I always love seeing bathing boxes! We don't have anything like that here!

    xox Sammi

    1. That's so cool! Omg. What was the band's name? ;)

  6. Oh my gosh your mam's tights are the best! I want! My ma always wears navy and nothing but navy, but when she dresses up she looks so classic and stylish :) mam's are the best! Also love your pattern clashing, you do it so naturally <3

    1. Her tights actually have ladybugs on them ;) (it's hard to see!)
      Navy is pretty much the best colour for clothes - when I was 17 I used to wear pretty much nothing but navy dresses!
      Also, you're the nicest, thank you so much!!

  7. I love all of the clashing patterns! And those bathing houses; I wish they had things like that here. Your mum is adorable, too!

  8. I love how she mixes plaid and polka-dots!
    I'm a sucker for being bold with irrelevant patterns and making it work. Once, I even did plaid and stripes! (>O.O<)
    I never quite thought about why our brains are in our heads. It's one of those things I just didn't bother questioning. Hahah

  9. i adore the carnival vibes here!
    and your tights and the necklace - perfection! <3

  10. I love the clashing patterns! I've recently gone through a massive wardrobe revamp to rid myself of clashing patterns though, but I think they look awesome on you. I can never rock them :/

  11. Awww, your mom's outfit is adorable! I'm in love with your apple earrings, too! xo


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