Sunday, 10 August 2014

Oh Mickey You're So Fine + Dorky Video (Get Ready With Me)

Shirt, skirt and jacket are thrifted | socks are from Clear It | shoes c/o Choies (out of stock, ages old) | necklace c/o Ginger Pickle (Eclectic Eccentricity) | badge is a vintage gift from Katie

WHY AM I SO SURLY IN THESE PHOTOS? Clearly I have a lot of angst. However, I'm pretty happy with my mostly-thrifted outfit today, and the fact that I found both this Mickey Mouse shirt and varsity jacket on the same day - score!

I also decided to make this super dorky outfit/"get ready with me" video to accompany this post.

Wait. "What's a 'Get ready with me' video, Annika?" OH GOSH! Have you been living under a rock, or have you NOT spent all your time watching beauty bloggers on youtube? 
Tsk tsk.
Never fear, I'm here to educate you. If you haven't seen this particular style of video on youtube before, here is a salient example.

Now watch my video.
Just your average day for an average gal with fashion superpowers ☼

I hope that you're all having a wonderful day!

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  1. That was the cutest video!! You are so adorably humorous.

  2. that varsity jacket is such a great find!

  3. omg i love you :'D such a great video! I don't usually like youtube vids compared to blog posts but awweee! Also outfit is banging! xo

  4. Oh Gosh this is such a perfect find :) I need a varsity jacket in my life, especially one with an 'M'!


  5. ahh! that video was awesome! :D great job!

  6. AW cutest video. I wake up with my eyeliner on, too, but it's usually because I forgot to take it off the night before :/
    Love that you've got an M on your jacket to match Mickey!


  7. You look great!

    x Luna /

  8. LOL I love the part when you wake up and already rocking the winged eyeliner!

  9. Omg I love this look! SO friggin cute!

  10. So cuuuuuuute! I love your thoughtful outfit posts and how unique your style is! I have a lot of angst too. Haha.

  11. Hi Annika! Could you maybe do a tutorial on how you curl your hair?

    1. GIRL didn't you watch my video? Just *click* and it's done!

      But seriously, I literally just wet it and it goes like that. I don't even brush it. Yay for natural curls :)

  12. Dear Annika,

    You sure are a charming lady! Your posts are always a refreshing and inspiring sight in the wild world we live in. Now, if only I could follow your tutorials and become a master seamstress like yourself, but I'm afraid I have failed at so many attempts with sewing, I am bound to give up. Maybe I should just stick to my banjo. Heh heh.

    You are wonderful!

  13. I loved this video/post/outfit/EVERYTHING! haha

    Since I discovered your channel and then you blog you have no idea how much you have inspired me! Thank you :D And keep up the amazing work!

    Greetings from Venezuela,

  14. I adore this outfit! & The video was so so fun. Your editing skills are the best <3


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