Saturday, 16 August 2014

Best Fr3ndz & X-Rays

Me and the gorgeous Katie had planned to spend all of Friday crafting together, when I remembered last minute that I had an appointment for an X-ray, smack-bang in the middle of the day. I was going to have to cancel our craft date - something we'd both been looking forward to all week - and spend the day being irradiated instead. Yay. But because Katie is amazing, she insisted on coming with me on the 2-hour long train trip to the radiologists, to sit with me in the boring waiting room and hold my hand. She even starved with me in solidarity (I had to fast before the X-ray). There is a reason best friends are called best friends - because they are the actual best.

Katie turned a potentially crappy day into a really lovely one, and we even did get to do a bit of crafting in the end - I'm helping Katie to make her very first dress (using my DIY dress pattern tutorial).

These pictures were taken a while ago now, but I think they're perfect for today's post!
Dress and jacket are thrifted | tights are from Japan | shoes are c/o Chicwish (ages old, no longer for sale) | Katie's dress is thrifted (a gift from me!)

Also, in honour of the amazing science and diagnostic tool that is x-rays, here is a wonderful series of gifs by Cameron Drake and Dr Noah Weiss that show the joints of the human body in motion:
The knee cap
Shoulder joint
Wrist and Hand

Human beings have a few different types of joints, including hinge joints (just like a hinge on a door, like in the knee), ball-and-socket (like in the shoulder, which allows wide rotation) and pivot joints (like the one at the top of your spine that allows you to rotate your head in a "no" motion). You don't really think about how they work until you start to have problems (or you are an anatomy student), but when you have a closer look, you can appreciate what an amazing machine the body is!
You can see a few more joints in motion on the IFLS website.

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  1. Annika, you are the cutest babe ever! I love this series of photos and the cool gifs at the end. <3 One of the things i love most about your style is that you mix patterns and always have some cool layers going on! It really inspires me to branch out more, especially in the tights/stockings department! <3

    *Double tap foreva*

    Jenny xoxoxoxox

    1. Hehehehe, you're the best! :D Double tap forever!!

  2. Those gifs are so cool! That was so sweet of Katie to go with you and make the day better! That's a true best friend. You both look adorable too. I really love your dotted tights with the floral dress.

    Jamie |

  3. Best friends are the best! You gals are just gorgeous in your frocks and just gorgeous period! :)

  4. Ya'll are both so cute. I'm so glad you have a friend like that, I think everyone should have someone to hold their hand at the doctor's.


  5. Since reading your blog I have to admit you are the best at pairing patterned tights in an outfit. Note to self: must get funky tights. Also its so nice to hear about friendships like this, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside haha.

    Cats in Crop Tops

  6. Aw you guys are so cute :') my best friend waited for me while i had my first counselling sesh, I told him it was half hour and it was an hour and he still waited and we went for food after :') just the little things are so important! Still love that you post science on your blog! I'm a biochem student and have posted a few things on my blog but might start incorporating it a bit more :) problem is when I talk about it, I don't actually know how to simplify it and get over excited haha xo
    amber love

  7. you two look so beautiful. I love the moving joints, too! & p.s. YOU'RE a BABE, TOO! <3
    love, polly

  8. Ya'll have perfect hair I'm so jealous! >.>'

  9. So cute! That dress and polka dot tights combo is just the sweetest. <3

  10. Funny gifts! And you, girls, look very nice! Xxx

  11. Those gifts are pretty awesome! best friends are amazing :D You two look so pretty!

  12. Those x-ray gifs are so eerie and beautiful. I especially love the hand.


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