Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Donut we all?

Necklace is c/o I Love Crafty | blouse, pinafore and cardigan are thrifted | tights are DIY | shoes are old

I felt that I needed some absurd way to express my love of I Love Crafty's new Donut Shop range of jewellery, so I decided to make it look like it was raining donuts in my backyard!
Image via Rebloggy

I've been a fan of I Love Crafty for years now, and this donut shop range is one of my favourite collections of theirs, featuring donut-themed collar tips, necklaces and rings in all the different flavours! They will go perfectly with any pastelly outfit, but will probably make you want to eat some real-life donuts (like I had to the next time I went out shopping, hahaha). Not only is the jewellery just wonderful, but Laura is also the queen of cute packaging!

Donut science! (TW: diets and food) Have any of you watched the documentary Sugar v Fat that aired a couple of months ago? If you can find it, I highly recommend watching it! 
Basically, two identical twins who also both happen to be doctors wanted to see what was healthier for you when "dieting" - a high-fat or a high-sugar diet? For one month, one twin went on a high-fat diet, while the other went on a high sugar diet with little to no fat. 

The demonisation of either fat or sugar in fad diets has been a point of debate in pop-nutrition - one moment, you're told to avoid all fats and the next, it's sugars that seem to be evil - with high-fat diets like Atkins, and low-fat diets all claiming to be the healthiest for you.

Well these twins wanted to cut through the bullshit, and study the physiological changes that occur when going on either of these diets.

What they find out is interesting - neither fat or sugar seem to be the real problem (and cutting out either one or the other is pretty unhealthy). Rather, it's a highly addictive combination of the two, usually when they occur in a 1:1 ratio - such as found in Krispy Kreme's original glazed donuts. 

As neuropsychologist Paul Kenny demonstrates, when lab rats are given free access to a food that is only fat (like cream) or only sugar, they will not overeat. However, when rats are given free access to food that is a combination of fat and sugar, they will absolutely gorge themselves, and the ratio of fat to sugar is very important.

To prove their point, the twins offer people a choice between three donuts - original glazed, sugar-coated or creme-filled donuts.
What would you choose, given a choice (and you aren't allowed to say no?)

Most people, it turns out, would choose the original glazed donut. This 1:1 combination of fat and sugar is apparently not found anywhere in nature, rather it's only found in human-made, processed foods, and apparently it's super addictive to us mammals - so no wonder donuts are so appealing!

* Note that this wasn't a proper scientific study, but it does aid what most nutritional scientists (with actual science degrees) have been saying for years - eat a balanced diet and don't eat too many processed foods if you want to eat healthily! NB you should always aim to eat to be healthy, not to change your body to look like some "ideal" shape because all body shapes are beautiful :) So enjoy the occasional donut now and again!

I hope that you are all having a great day!

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  1. Ahh so precious! The little biting the donut picture is super cute :) And the science behind a glazed donut makes a scary amount of sense...not that I'll stop eating them haha.

    Little Gold Pocket Watch

  2. I love the new donut collection as well and I love how you presented the necklace in these photos!! (Awesome backround too!) And thanks again for teaching me something new today. I love that about your blog :)

    Chamomile Dealer

  3. I love the wall in this! So cute, Homer Simpson would be proud. Hehe. I think I'd have to pick the original glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut. They are spectacular! Although Krispy Kreme's cream-filled pastries are amazing though :)

    Btw, I swear every time I check your blog you have gotten even more beautiful!

    Xo, Ellen

  4. Am I the only person who doesn't like donuts? XD I love how they look and they always make me feel hungry and then I eat it and think "why did I bother?". Well, I do like donuts, but they tend to be the super dense cakey ones. BUT I did find myself thinking if I HAD to choose a donut, I went for the middle one. XD

  5. Lovely outfit :) love the photo looking like it's raining donuts! And no ^Jennifer^ I don't like donuts either! I'm not a fan of sugar or fatty foods, they make me feel very sick! I'm more of a salty popcorn kinda treat gal :P x
    amber love

    1. Actually, I've always preferred salty snacks over donuts myself :3 All my childhood/teenage years, I didn't even like chocolate or cakes! (Very strange to think of now, haha). But I'm not so much of a sweet-tooth! Only became a bit of one in the last year or so :)

  6. Such such a cruft outfit! I would definitely choose the cream filled donut :).

    1. Cruft? (What?) haha I'm not sure what that means.. Typo maybe? ;)

  7. Such a clever post + such a cute outfit. Love reading your blog! Donuts are not for me, but chocolate - hell yes!

  8. but now I just want to eat all the donuts..

  9. Super cute outfit and really interesting post. I am always hearing 'oh its sugar that makes you fat' or 'cut out fat' ect. so this was really nice to read cos fad diets are just that: a fad. Like you said, people just need to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, thats all :)

    Cats in Crop Tops

  10. Everything in moderation! Sometimes for me that looks like a salad and a donut as lunch ~___^
    I really like the donut necklace, it looks great with your painted tights! ^___^

  11. I totally dig that necklace! :0 Also, this has been very informative. Nothing combines my love of fat and sugar quite like a glazed donut. However, I am more of a chocolate frosting w/sprinkles type of gal. ;)

  12. love the editing you did on these, and the super cute simpsons reference

  13. Crazy cute outfit!!! The hearts on your knees are making mine buckle - what a fabulous, unexpected and completely darling detail.

    ♥ Jessica

  14. I love donuts so much. I would definitely pick the chocolate frosted one with sprinkles one though!
    I'm absolutely loving your super cool donut necklace. You look adorable, as always!

    Jamie |


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