Saturday, 31 May 2014

Kawaii as F**k / Universal Expansion

If you follow me or Katie on instagram, you might have seen that we went shrinky-dink mad on our last Tuesday craft session (which we have decided to name "Craft and Crumble" because we had apple crumble one week while doing crafts and realised the fantastic alliteration opportunities this held for us - we also realised that the name gave us an excuse to eat apple crumble every week). We totally even started a hashtag #craftncrumble to document our Tuesday craft sessions, haha. #waytoocool

Anyway, after about 10 failed shrinky-dinks, shrunken chip packets and a lot of plastic fume inhalation (still not sure if putting plastic in the oven is the best idea in the world), I ended up making this necklace and I think it's one of my favourite things to come out of our crafting sessions so far.
Dress is from Lalamagic (a few years old now) | necklace is DIY | shoes are Naot

It's hard to see in the photo above, but one of my favourite things about it is the holes that connect the plastic to the chain - they're actually love-heart shaped! This was done using a heart-shaped hole punch.

So, something you might know from physics is that 1) nothing moves faster than the speed of light, and that 2) the universe once fit into an infinitesimally small point (then the Big Bang happened and it all expanded).
Well, actually, apparently not according to Veritasium.
Mind so, so blown. (Thought I do direct you to the comment below by my astrophysics friend Lamb).

I hope that you're all having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I love when crafting goes right after so many dud tries. I also love the idea of a crafting night. I am far too impatient to do it myself though!
    Ooh that video has irritated me a little. Frankly there's more observable evidence for a finite universe than an infinite universe (The Thermal spectrum of the CMB radiation being a precise Black Body, Olber's Paradox, Entropy not being at a maximum, The known age of the oldest stars ~10^10 years old, etc) and he backs up his assumption with absolutely no scientific reasoning. Sorry but having literally just sat a Relativity and Cosmology exam yesterday morning in which there was an 8 mark question dedicated to the Universe being finite, i call bullshit. :)


    1. Thank you, Lamb! I love it when you debunk the astrophysics stuff that I put up :) I wish I had more than a layperson understanding of physics because to me it just sounded amazing and I totally should have been more skeptical about his claims! I will direct people to your comment! Do you think that he got the expansion stuff right, at least? x

  2. I'm new to your blog and gotta say I really love it here! That necklace is amazing 'kawaii as fuck' is great haha. It's so nice to see someone post about science on their blog! I study Biochemistry and love science :)

    amber love

  3. Cute outfit!
    I love the necklace <3

  4. So cute, I've been meaning to make some stuff like that. And I will definitely have to watch that video sometime soon, fashion bloggers sharing sciency things is just perfect <3

    The Quirky Queer

  5. Your new necklace is fantastic even if it took a while to get it just right! I'm not completely sure if plastic in the oven is a-okay either but at least you got something cute out of the fume inhalation! Also your dress is adorable and I need cute little ruffled socks like yours.

  6. That damn chip packet oven shrinkage. I would say its a myth, but I've seen one in person... it was pure beauty ;n;

  7. Oh, wait what, you did it...! Tutorial kudasai ;n;

  8. omg hahahaha I love the necklace and YOU!!!!

  9. Such a great necklace and cute dress <3

  10. You look lovely :)
    I saw that necklace on instagram the other day and i started laughing and ended up spitting coffe on my beand new fancy phone...not a good idea laughing while drinking coffee that's for sure :)

  11. Oooohhhhh. My little sister would love that necklace. I'd love to make jewellery with shrinky dinks but i don't really know how


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