Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Slushee Cup Drawstring Bag / Chemistry is Amazing

Top is thrifted | shoes are thrifted | bag is from Twinkie Chan | skirt is c/o Choies (way old)

Okay, Sydney weather. Let's make a deal. How about we start going into autumn now? In return, I'll... wear the cutest jumpers and tights and coats you've ever seen! Okay... DEAL!

So I'm not sure if non-sentient weather systems respond to deals/threats (or if they're into fashion, hmm), but I would really like for it to be winter now. It's been summer for far too long here. Dammit, Australia, stop being such a stereotype!

At least I have this crochet slushee cup bag to trick people into thinking I'm way "cool" in the constant 28°C heat (something I most certainly am NOT right now). Isn't this bag the greatest?! This bag and my house purse make me so happy - who needs "normal" bags when you have bags like these? Twinkie Chan is an absolute genius and I'm so excited to now own one of her amazing crochet pieces!

Okay you guys, what would you say if I told you that it was possible to freeze and boil water at the same time?
No I'm not just asking a random hypothetical question.
Because it's possible. Check it out:
When you remove atmospheric pressure, there's a point where ice and gas are a simple step away from each other (no going through a liquid phase!) You just need to get it to the exact right temperature... and... this happens!
Read more about what's happening here.

I hope that you're all having a wonderful week so far,

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  1. How cute is your bag?! I love it, really fun. I really like your wee socks too. I wish it was summer here, its cooooold! haha. Lianne x

    1. Also, the video is very cool! Blows my tiny mind haha x

  2. that bag is seriously so amazing and so are you!!!! btw you'll see a little icon of yourself on the right hand wrapper of my blog advertising your interview. xoxo!!

    love, polly

  3. I've absolutely fallen in love with your icee bag. <3

  4. ugh, I am SO SICK of this weather in Sydney, I hate how we always get robbed of like 1 or 2 months of proper autumn weather in return of humidity and tops not going below like 26C!

  5. That bag is the cutest!


  6. WHAT IS SCIENCE? That's cray. PS I think you might just own the WORLD'S BEST BAG. It's so cool! Hehehhehuughhh.

    Kirsten | kirstenlearns.com


  8. I do adore that bag very much. Of course it is not quite bit enough to hold all the junk I (think) I need to carry with me everywhere. I think I am going to attempt making on of my own version once I perfect my crochet skills of course.

    : letmebemeinsperation.blogspot.com


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