Friday, 18 April 2014

DIY: How To Make A Bow (sewing basics)

Hi there!

Today I'm bringing it back to the basics and teaching you guys how to sew a simple bow (and turn it into a cute hair accessory).

Learning how to sew a bow, and getting really good at it, was an important step for me in learning how to sew my own clothes! If you feel totally overwhelmed by my DIY dress and skirt videos, then give this one a go first. I promise that if you can master a bow, making your own clothes is not much more of a stretch - and bow-making will give you all the skills that you need to make something more complicated.

Let me know how you go using the hashtag #diyannika on instagram!

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  1. lovely, simple tutorial to follow! i will definitely have to look for some cute patterned materials to make myself one of these

    xo Sarah

  2. you are quite right, for more want to make a garment-it becomes overwhelming when we know nothing about sewing, but a simple bow, gives me hope!, thanks for sharing (even once I tried to make do, but I dare not) ... I hope to do it now! :P

  3. So adorable! Your tutorials are great. I definitely want to try out a couple of your clothes ones this summer!

  4. This is so cute! you really suit your hair that style too :D
    thanks for sharing the tutorial :)

  5. So cute :) Love the tutorial. And the bows, I love the bows :D

  6. Such a cute bow! Love how simple and easy to follow this tutorial was, can't wait to make some bows <3

  7. I have a question..... How did you create your blog, what site did you use and did you have to pay for it?

    1. I used, and it's free! :) (All I pay for now is $10 per year for the domain name)


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