Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Blue! Polka Dots! Gingham! And Maths!

So check it out. I'm friends with a real-life Spice Girl.
Dress is from Bonne Chance | bag is thrifted | socks from a market | shoes from Yeswalker | hair clip c/o Sarsparilly

Now that I've convinced Katie to start blogging I'm fairly sure that my outfit photos are going to become 15% more ridiculous. Having someone to take photos with is much more fun than hanging out alone with my tripod or my grumpy boyfriend (who only becomes grumpy when I ask him to take photos, please keep that in mind, but it's not much fun).

So! My outfit. I was somewhat disappointed with this Bonne Chance dress as it literally has no room for my bust - I can only squeeze into it if I don't wear a bra and have my boobs flattened like crazy! While their other dresses usually fit me around the bust, this particular one is almost like a child's dress that has been scaled up but they forgot to account for puberty. While I love Bonne Chance's gorgeous dresses, their sizing is a little inconsistent - for example this one, although it gives the exact same bust measurements, is a LOT more roomy. However, it has inspired me to make a tutorial for you guys to show you what you can do when a dress is too small for you, but you really want to keep it! Stay tuned.

Katie's outfit in these photos is also 50% acquired from my own wardrobe - I gave Katie these pants (which I wore here) and boots (which I wore here), and I really like how she styled it up in a completely different way to what I would have done! It's really interesting seeing your clothes being used for a style that you wouldn't normally wear yourself! I have also slowly been learning that giving away your clothes to people who'll actually wear them loads is much more satisfying than hoarding them forever and never wearing them, haha.

So how are you all? I'm super, super busy and wish I could be posting more!! Uni has been stressing me out like a motherflipper, meaning I can't take as many photos of my outfits as I would like! If you have instagram, I have been documenting more of my outfits on there lately because it only takes 2 seconds - so you can follow me there (as "littlepineneedle") just in case you've been missing my outfit posts lately ;)

Lastly - this video is SO good! Maths & philosophy, I'm nerding out! You should appreciate this video even if you don't really like maths (I'm somewhat terrified of maths myself, and I am hoping that watching videos about it will trick me into suddenly being good at it... or something. Yup).

All the love in the world,

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  1. The dress is really cute and it's too bad the sizing was off! I never dare to ask my bf to take pictures, he gets grumpy about it as well XD

  2. Your friend is the CUTEST. (And so are you, obvz.) Totally looks like a Spice Girl!

  3. i am rekindling my childhood love for gingham and this post just makes me want to go out and buy all the gingham items i can find haha! having a friend to blog with is definitely 100 times more fun

    xo Sarah

  4. Haha my fiancé gets grumpy when I ask him to take photos too! You two are gorgeous- That dress is PERFECTION on you and I adore Katie's choker! You guys need to stop being so perfect haha!

  5. I'm going to look forward to that upcoming tutorial! I have a gorgeous polka-dot dress from the '60s, but the bodice flattens my boobs out to nothing! >___< Your dress is super cute though, I love the bows on the sleeves ^___^

  6. you're super cute, as a little Dorothy Gale! lovely dress, but you're right, sometimes brands don't consider that a woman actually has boobs...
    Love the pants on your friend, very cute, I was wearing some similar gingham pants - and with a crop top as well - in my teen days (yep it was the 90s..)

  7. Dress is really cute, but I love anything pale blue with white polka dots. I have problem with boob flattening dresses all the time (and I know it's not me, I am not that busty), I know it is a bit of a sewing problem to fit non-stretching materials but come on...so I'm really looking forward to that tutorial :)
    Video is awesome, but math is still scary for me:)

  8. You look like Dorothy! It's wonderful. You two are too cute. And thank you for giving an honest opinion on their sizing. I love their dresses, but I can't wear bras with any of them and they flatten me considerably! I'd love to see a DIY tutorial on how to make a too-small-in-the-bust dress fit better! It's especially hard with their dresses, since they have such specific patterns, so I'm intrigued. But yes, I agree, that their size charts don't change based on the dress, and then their sizing is totally inconsistent. They're incredibly sweet, but I don't feel like the quality is up to par with what it should be, sadly. They were kind enough to send me a few dresses for free one of the first times I ordered from them, and I actually sent them back because none of them fit properly. It also annoys me that every time they list new dresses, I have NEVER been able to get them in a large. They consistently say they're sold out, and I'm starting to think they don't even MAKE a size large in a lot of them (and they just say sold out because they've never been available in the first place). I know they've said otherwise, but if that's the case and size large keeps selling out, then they should make or order twice as many size larges to accommodate for the demand. I'm not even THAT big a girl (I'm an AU12/UK12/US8), which is fairly average, but their sizing seems to be geared towards girls who aren't very curvy. I really hope they change some of their sizing issues. OKAY rant over! You are adorable the end.

    xox Sammi

    1. I know, I felt really bad for writing a slightly negative review because they ARE the sweetest company, but I feel like because they are a small company, they may actually read this, and will be able to use it as some constructive criticism and use it to improve!
      This is definitely NOT the only company that I've had sizing issues with, either, so they're not exactly an outlier! I just reckon that they need to pay a little bit more attention to their sizing charts, and they'll have even happier customers :)
      I think that they may just have Large as a default on many of the dresses, because they do stock these style one in a large: http://bonnechancecollections.com/collections/all/products/musical-muse-dress but still, it must be frustrating to always see your size sold out, because they're the cutest-ever dresses!

  9. Always the cutest. I love it!


  10. You two look so great. Its a shame the fit isn't so great, it looks so lovely on you. I esp love the shoes and socks you paired with it <3

  11. Your outfit is the cutest! and your friend Katie reminds me a bit of Brittany Murphy ha so pretty too, both lovely ladies :D


  12. Love the outfits! You guys are adorable! :)



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