Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Back to School! & Printed Houses

Dress is from Bonne Chance | cardigan and bag are thrifted | tights are Daiso | shoes are Naot | necklace is Tash Tash Jewelery | hairbow is from a shop in Japan

I am finally back at university this week! I'm really excited about the subjects that I'm doing - computer programming, genomics and protein biochemistry. I think that I'm most excited about genomics - being able to make transgenic organisms for various medical/industrial applications is way too cool - although I also think that programming is also going to be really interesting! I've only ever done a very small amount of computer programming before, and I'm not totally sure what I'm going to use it for just yet (although if my blog suddenly gets all super flashy and pro-looking, you'll know why).

Related science factoid for the day (to go with my house bag)? The University of Southern California has built a monster-sized 3D-printing machine that can print a whole house in only 24 hours.
Image from

You can see some amazing video of such a machine in action, printing out hollow walls with fiber reinforced concrete here. How cool is that??

As a side note, I saw 3D printers for sale at my local stationery supplies store for $1500 the other day. Gosh I was tempted to blow my savings right then and there. But then I remembered that the average price for 3D printers was $4000 when I first wrote about them, only one year ago! So going off that, in one more year's time, the price should have dramatically decreased yet again. And as an update to that post, it's good to see that things like 3D fashion are much better than they were one year ago (see Thingyverse, and yes, that's MUCH better than the state of the designs last year!)

I hope that you're all having a lovely day,

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  1. you always look so cute, >< I love your style so much!!
    Cute bag~

  2. If your computer programming is anything like mine was when I was in uni a few years ago, you may not like it, haha. It's very seldom that you'll learn web programming in that kind of class, it will all be pretty basic and I'm expecting you'll have to learn how to use Python.

    Eurgh, Python. *shudders*

    Anyways, as a side note, you can actually get 3D printers MUCH cheaper on Amazon, something around the $400 mark. My cousin has one and he got it online and it was no way near $1500!


    1. Oh, no, it's all java! (I've actually learnt a little bit of python myself already, and I kinda liked it... haha. So easy, though. Which is probably why I liked it..)

      OH. MY. GOD. Really?!??!?!!! You're right, I just found one for $500, and the same one they were selling at officeworks for $1000! whooooooooooooa. Going to have to buy one. Not going to be able to use it for anything and will end up with a bunch of useless plastic crap.... haha. I should still put-off getting one for a while until I actually have need for it ;) (Like, when I can print clothes out at home?? I am waiting for that day.)

    2. I'm not at all a fan of programming--web development, though, that I like!

      I've seen them print shoes before! That honestly sounds a little cool, though they're all wedges/flatforms at the moment from what I can find. I'm hoping to one day use a 3D printer to make me some kitchen utensils. Like cookie cutters and measuring spoons and stuff. OH, AND BROOCHES!

  3. Great Purse ! I love it !!

    Les SELFIES de Pauline

  4. So cute!! I'm interested in 3D printers! Soon, I'm sure they won't be so expensive but imagine the cost to maintain it. Yikes! It's pretty exciting (and kinda scary - but still exciting!) :)

  5. Oh my word- I love this outfit! Alex

  6. You sure love those 3D-printers, don't you? :) In case you might be interested, over the last few weeks Belgium (including me) was completely under the spell of 3D-printing when a doctorate student in nanotechnology designed some pretty amazing shoes based on her research! Of coourse they were 3D-printed ;) You can see some pictures here:

    1. Haha, yeah I do! And that's amazzzzing. Oh my goodness. Thank you for sharing :)

  7. I'm still so obsessed with this purse, and I looove the little cookies and milk necklace. This dress from BCC is so adorable, too. I love them but I wish they carried larger sizes!

    xox Sammi

  8. That bag is adorable :)

  9. this dress is adorable! I really like blue gingham! :) x
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay


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