Tuesday, 4 February 2014

I'm selling my clothes!

I've reopened my store in order to sell my wardrobe! Literally - I'm parting ways with the lot. (Well, almost. Well, not exactly. But I am parting ways with a lot). I'll be listing more and more in the next few days, but if you really like something I suggest you snap it up before someone else does.

But why are you selling all your clothes?? You all ask. (You totally did ask me. And it was a fine question!)
Well, I have way too many clothes and can probably stand to part with a few, plus I need to make some space in my wardrobe(s) for all my new handmade stuff! Another reason is that I'd really like the funds to be able to buy more fabric so that I can continue making clothes and sharing them with you all :)

I'm selling a lot of my favourites here - it's really hard to let go of them, but I keep telling myself that I can't hoard them all forever. Also, if you want to browse through my past outfits and you see something that catches your eye, and it's not listed in the store, email me (annikavictoria@gmail.com) and I might just sell it to you, as long as I'm not too attached to it!

Oh yeah, and all dresses are $10. Click here to shop!

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  1. If I were about 100 lbs lighter I would totally buy all you have for sale!

  2. Wow, you are brave lady!!!! Everything is pretty much sold already, that's great! I wish I had space in my wardrobe to buy something! I love your stuff!

    Cx from Mixed Mediums


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