Friday, 28 February 2014

House Purse & Astronauts!

Dress is thrifted | Astronaut necklace c/o Ginger Pickle | shoes are Naot Kedma | purse is thrifted | ring is from Tash Tash Jewelry | socks are DIY

That bag I'm wearing right there? It's only a MOTHER-FLIPPIN' HOUSE PURSE! I know, I know - best thing ever, yes? Well, if you're anything like me and obsessed with novelty items then yes, it is indeed the best thing ever. I thrifted it from some market stalls, from these gorgeous rockabilly girls, for only $10. The bag didn't have a long-strap when I bought it - only a really short chain - so I just added one and... bam! It's a shoulder-bag! It's also completely wooden and so a little bit impractical for everyday use, but I don't care, I'm going to try and wear it out as much as I possibly can!
I don't wanna just wave this house purse around in your faces without helping you find your own - search for house purse on ebay and you'll actually find a few like this (I found some here, here, here and here!)

I really went all-out in this outfit, novelty-wise. I'm also wearing an astronaut around my neck from Ginger Pickle, and a bowl of fruit loops from Tash Tash Jewelry on my fingers. There's really no theme going on here apart from "wear weird stuff" - all of the items are fairly incongruous! But I really like that about this outfit.

So of course, what would be more appropriate now than to have a science item about an astronaut? This video is unlike any other hair/beauty tutorial on youtube - Astronaut Karen Nyberg, while onboard the International Space Station, shows you how she does her hair in space!
Karen Nyberg is one of my heroes because she's also a sewer, and brought sewing stuff up to the international space station in order to do some quilting!! Apparently, sewing in space is fairly difficult - cutting and stitching in weightlessness makes everything very different!

I hope that you're having a marvellous day,
Oh! And p.s., my DIY circle skirt dress tutorial is now up on! It's super useful if you're watching the video while you MAKE the dress, because it's been broken up into segments for each step! Check it out ;)

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  1. THE HOUSE PURSE. OMG. Incredible!!!! And I love this dress. But I will never get over this purse!!

    xox Sammi

  2. That purse! Geez its adorable and it had a long strap! win!

    1. actually, i added one, but it was lucky that it had attachments for it!

  3. the house purse is divine

  4. You're so lucky to have thrifted that gorgeous dress and coolest house purse!!!

  5. You are like, the cutest thing ever. I love this dress, the scallops are so cute! And the color looks dreamy on you.


  6. This is simply adorable! Thanks for inspiring me every week and being you.

  7. This outfit is just gorgeous. That bag is just too great (and if i were a dress, i think i would very much resemble this one!)

  8. Such a gorgeous dress and I love how you've styled the necklace, thanks Annika! :D

  9. This is the cutest!!! I love that purse and the astronaut necklace!

  10. I was all: where is that dress from, where is it from, wheeerreee...thrifted...*sigh* It's so cute!

    and that purse is the most adorable thing! I love how you added the long strap!

  11. This outfit is so adorable - that bag is absolutely fantastic and different!


  12. Pleaaaase make a tutorial on that dress!!!!


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