Sunday, 9 February 2014

Ghosts and Witches

Shirt, skirt, hat and socks are all thrifted | Shoes are no longer for sale

When you decide to buy most of your clothes second-hand, you have to get over being grossed-out by unclean things first. Don't get me wrong, most of the op-shops that I visit are wonderful; everything has been super-dooper cleaned, though I still always give things a wash after bringing them home. This particular shirt, however, I bought from a market stall the other day and it had obviously been sitting around in someones closet - unclean - for a very long time. When I got home I decided to try it on to see how it fit. I plunged my arms in and a ridiculous volume of sand and lint shot out the other end. I was so shocked to have half a beach suddenly on my bedroom floor, and amazed that neither the seller nor I had realised the large amount of sand residing within the sleeves.
However, as surprising and sometimes gross as they can be, I think that second-hand clothes are more interesting than new clothes because of the questions they raise about the past owners, and what they were doing while they were wearing them. Why was the past owner wearing such a fancy blouse to the beach? Maybe they weren't dressed for the beach and ended up there by accident? And lastly, how on earth didn't they manage to shake all the sand out of the sleeves?

To finish my post today, the following is a quote from science and psychology writer Guy P. Harrison that I really liked, and made into a little image:

You can test just how bad your brain is at giving you an accurate representation of the world here and here.

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  1. I buy most of my clothes secondhand too, though I am of course yet to discover a blouse full of sand! Haha.

  2. Your hair is lovely, and this outfit is great, I love looking a all your thrift store/charity shop buys, i'm not so skilled at finding great pieces and i wish i was!
    ellie x

  3. so in love with your outfit, which is per-fect <3 I selected you for my weekly inspiration selection !

  4. That's such a lovely blouse, I really like the collar. I agree about the ick factor, I recently bought a vintage dress that was in a pretty gross state but it's cleaned up lovely and was totally worth it.

  5. wow what an interesting thought about the blouse, it does make you wonder about what people have done with those clothes before you have them :)
    Also really interesting Guy P.Harrison quote there too, it really makes you think :)


  6. I am super into these teen witch vibes. I need to get me some black lipstick, asap.


  7. I really like your outfit! ... And yes! I usually buy lots of secondhand clothes, but I always wonder if these clothes have been used by someone who is already dead? ... but yes! There is very original and fabulous unique fashion items!

  8. Love the outfit, you should do a tutorial on the hairstyle it's so gorgeous :3


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