Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Cherries & Blueberries & A Pile of Viruses

Dress is Forever 21 (years old) | bolero is thrifted | shoes are old | ring is DIY (made using this tutorial) | cherries c/o Sarsparilly

This ring is dangerous. Everytime I wear it, I get some intense cravings for apple-and-blueberry pie, which is completely full of sugar and not something one should be consuming on a daily basis. (My pancake stack ring is even worse). If I'm going to start wearing food clothes all the time, I'm definitely going to develop a terrible diet! Maybe I could remedy this by wearing solely health-food-themed clothes. E.g. a spinach-patterned shirt. A broccoli brooch. Quinoa-print pants. Kale socks. Sound like a good idea?

So if you haven't heard of XKCD's What If before, you're really missing out ;)
People send in psychics/biology/mathematics/general science questions featuring ridiculous hypotheticals (such as "Is there a way to fire a gun so the bullet can safely be caught by hand"?), and they're thoroughly and seriously answered, all necessary mathematics included. Anyway, I wanted to share this brilliant one with you all: "What if every virus in the world were collected into one area? How much volume would they take up and what would they look like?"
Viruses are tiny, tiny microscopic things. They're much smaller than the cells that make up your body, much smaller even than bacteria. In fact, your own body is home to 3000000000000 individual viruses (YES, INSIDE YOU RIGHT NOW), and this is actually fairly low compared to other environments. And even with all those viruses, all the human viruses in every 7 billion human bodies in the world would fit into 10 oil drums.
But the question was, how much space would all the viruses in the world take up?
Read the answer on What If!

Have a wonderful day, and try not to catch a virus.

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  1. So YUMMY !!!

    Les Selfies de Pauline

  2. I have a cupcake ring and I know what you mean by these hunger pangs every time I wear it.
    That DIY ring looks so good though! Thank you for linking the Youtube video! <3
    P for Pearl

  3. haha you would certainly be starting a new trend by wearing broccoli brooches and kale socks! love your dress too!

    xo Sarah

  4. Your outfits always look so cute :)
    Have an amazing day!

  5. I love the rockabilly elements you've been incorporating lately.

  6. omg xkcd!! I love xkcd, lol.

  7. your dress is so cute and it looks really good with the creepers! :)



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