Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Milk, Cookies and Sugar Cubes (and Dodecahedrons)

Dress is secondhand from Hannah | lace sock cuffs are DIY | belt is thrifted | necklace is from Tash Tash Jewelry

My new favourite thing when it comes to clothes and accessories: food. I'm somewhat obsessed with food and eating - if I'm having a bad day, all I need to make myself feel better is a giant veggie sandwich or a cheese toastie - so making a homage to food through my outfits kinda seems right. After browsing through the "food jewellery" tag on etsy for hours the other week (do it, come on, you know you want to), I found Tash Tash Jewelry, a one-woman jewellery-making-machine from Croatia who makes things like bowls of fruit loops for your fingers (I also bought this, hehe). She also sells them ridiculously cheaply, and with such fast shipping for something that came from the other side of the world (I got it less than two weeks after ordering). I'm definitely recommending this etsy store - in fact, I think it'll be a great addition to my ethical clothing directory - and I am also probably going to go back to buy a pizza necklace and coffee cup ring!

Now, I'm obviously going to have to tell you all about some food-related science; luckily, this just happened! This delicious-looking thing below is sugar, in flavours of cherry, sour apple and mint, printed out by the first commercially available 3D food-printer to ever exist.
Image from 3D Systems
Yup! I've been talking about it for a while, but 3D food printing is actually here, you guys (alright, so it has existed for chocolate for a while - but being able to print with sugar like this is a real leap in the technology)!

This NPR article will give you the rundown on the technology, or you can start drooling over this video of a similar machine (still in prototype phase) called Foodini, that can print a whole range of food into any fiddly, intricate or ridiculous shape that you program.

And I wasn't lying about 3D printers getting cheaper, either - did you know you can get them for $1300 now? Sure, it's not "cheap", but it's cheaper than a new macbook air! You all know that I'm obsessed, and will definitely keep you updated on their rapid price drop - this time last year, it was about $5000 for a personal 3D printer. Seriously, this speculation of mine from one year back:
is actually seeming less and less ridiculous all the time.

I hope that you're all super, super well!

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  1. I LOVE the colour of the dress with your lipstick and hair! You look adorable! <3

  2. I want everything from Tash Tash Jewelry! It's so cute!! I love the ensemble you put together with the milk and cookies necklace and that dress!

    1. Me too, Katzi, me too! i get hungry just looking at the site!

  3. OMG adore that necklace. Cuteness overdose!

    The Hearabouts

  4. this dress is so much adorable.. ugh i have a big crush on red and i really loved the dress <3

  5. and I clicked the link... food jewellery you had me at hello!


  6. This look is lovely. I love red!

    Part Time Fashionista

  7. Oh my Lord, that dress is just so adorable! I love the colors together!



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