Sunday, 5 January 2014

I Woke Up Like This / Shepard Tones

Skirt is DIY | tights from Clear It | shoes c/o Yeswalker | necklace c/o I Love Crafty

This is what my DIY suspender skirt that I made the other day looks like without its suspenders! I'm glad I made them removable, because it also looks great as a simple skater skirt. I'm having such a great time sewing and creating things now that I've decided to make most of my own clothes - I've gotten so much better (and faster!) at making dresses and skirts from all the practice! For example, I managed to whip this dress up in a leisurely 4 hours today. For anyone who is scared of sewing or doesn't think they're any good at it - just know that all it takes is practice, practice, practice, rather than any particular smarts or skills!

Let's learn about another spooky audio illusion today!
In the illusion we talked about on Thursday, a tone which sounded like it was constantly descending was in fact getting higher and higher. Shepard tones are similar, being "constantly descending tones" which actually don't change in pitch at all. The starting tone is the same as the finishing tone - in this way, it can be likened to the "penrose stairs" optical illusion:
In a "shepard tone", multiple tones are actually played together, each of which do descend, but when the lowest tone reaches a particular threshold it ends and a new, higher descending tone begins. However, your brain does not perceive the disappearance and appearance of these tones, so instead perceives the entire set as constantly descending. 

You could listen to this forever and the tones would never actually get any lower. Have a listen to a Shepard tone and see if your brain is fooled:

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  1. ohh pretty pretty colors! and this sweater makes it all so comfy and cute!
    i remember trying to draw these impossible stairs when i was a was fascinating for me [and still is].

    cute weirdoland -

  2. it's so cool that you've decided to make your own clothes! i'd love to do the same but i'm lacking in a sewing machine :(

    xo Sarah

  3. DIY clothes are the best clothes!

    That gingham skirt is very Dorothy Gale, but you pull it off!

    Have you seen my giveaway? Enter, and you could win 5 free personalized graphics for your blog to be claimed at any time. You can see it here.

  4. Cute! And that dress is perfect--I love the fabric!


    Kalie H.

  5. oooo! That top is just so adorable! I'm loving the DIY you have been doing!


  6. Oh my you really are getting so well at sewing your own clothes! Love this skater skirt <3 Ugh I wish I lived close to you, maybe you would teach me lol.

    Chamomile Dealer

    1. Omg, I definitely would, I LOVE teaching people how to sew and I'm always trying to get my friends over, convincing them to do crafternoons with me... but everyone is too scared of learning/don't think they'll be able to do it!!! >:(

  7. Removable suspenders are the best! I adore this as a skirt. It's so so adorable with your lace top. Such a spring-y outfit!

  8. the skirt looks great! also love the idea of removable suspenders. How did you make it so it could be removed?

    1. I added button holes on the suspenders, and buttons on the skirt (hidden inside the waistband!) :)

    2. did you add the buttons before attaching the waistband to the skirt?

    3. No, afterwards, because I don't think I would have placed the correctly if I added them beforehand!

    4. thank you so much for replying! love your DIYs =)


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