Wednesday, 29 January 2014

DIY Heart Cutout Dress & How To Time Travel

Dress is DIY | shoes are from Golden Ponies | bolero is thrifted | cherries c/o Sarsparilly

I'm starting to get to a level of confidence in my sewing where I feel like I can just make whatever design pops into my head! It's awesome! And yes, I filmed the making of this dress and it'll be up on my youtube channel in a few days [update: it's up now], if you wanted to learn how to make a heart cut-out dress of your own from scratch (it's no harder than my DIY dress tutorial!)

These boots I'm wearing are new and are from Golden Ponies, a store that was recommended to me after I made my ethical fashion directory. I've gotta say, I'm super pleased with them, no less because I got them on sale for only $35! If I was going to choose another pair to get, I think I'd get these shiny, holographic flats (everyone needs at least one pair of shiny shoes in their wardrobe, right?).

Oh, and by the way I uploaded a new youtube video today! It shows a different method of making your own socks, without a middle seam. Click here to watch it!

Whenever the conversation of "if you could time travel, without coming back, when would you time travel to?" comes up - and yes, this is a surprisingly frequent conversation among my group of friends - I always say "100 years into the future!!" whereas most of my friends will say "the 60s, duh". I am so keen on travelling into the future to see what technological advancements humans have made - plus, it's also more possible than travelling backwards through time because all I'd need to do is find a super fast vehicle and special relativity would sort out the rest; my friends would need a wormhole in order to travel into the past, and that's much trickier.
Anyway, why am I going on about time travel? Because of this awesome minute physics video. Have a watch and learn how you too can travel through time:
What really blew my mind was the fact that if you stand up for a minute, your feet will age 10 femtoseconds less than your head. So unless you spend all your time upside-down, your head is actually older than your feet. Thanks gravitational time dilation, you crazy, crazy thing!

So I'm curious to know - if you could time travel, with little possibility of returning back to the present moment (and ignoring Back to the Future-esque paradoxes where your teenage parents fall in love with you and you were never born/taking a sports almanac back in time with you and making heaps of money from gambling), when would you travel to?

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  1. Haha in 'Back to the Future 2' they went to the 26th of January 2014... that was just a few days ago! So where are our flying cars and hover-boards? Haha

    1. Really?? I thought they went to 2015. OMG! Feeling so ripped off right now. I was still hopeful because I thought we had a year left! Where are they indeed?

    2. Oops... looks like I have fallen for an internet hoax that was going around! Haha it actually was 2015! Well, that's embarrassing :s... Looks like we still have another year ;)

    3. Woooo hoo! I've definitely still got my fingers crossed for a hoverboard, then.
      besides, have you seen this??

  2. According to wiki, in back to the future 2, they do travel to 2015:-)

    1. I think this might be a good excuse for me to go and watch back to the future tonight...

  3. Gorgeous DIY!! I'm heart obsessed and so, of course, I absolutely love your dress! Much love for Golden Ponies as well.
    Thanks for mentioning time travel, it happens to be a subject that fascinates me too. I do believe in time travel. That being, by elevating beyond our 3-d perception to fully achieve/master time travel. :]
    ♡ Dulce

  4. Even though I can't understand everything perfectly, I can now say I can time travel. And so excited about your youtube videos! I'm just going to binge watch them now.

  5. i'll say it again, i LOVE your scientific posts <3 time travel is a really interesting subject [although it reminds me immediately of Doctor Who ;>]!
    and about the dress - it's so adorable, i adore this vintage schoolgirl style ^^

    cute weirdoland -

  6. Lovely dress! I'll be looknig forward to your tutorial ^^.

  7. You are so intelligent. Love reading your words.

  8. This is so adorable! You did a fantastic job. Also, if I were to time travel, I would probably go back to two time periods - the 1940's and 1970's, so that I could see how my grandma and mom were when they were my age (and steal their clothes!) :)


  9. You are way too adorable!! and the cherry hair pin is the perfect touch :)

  10. gah I really want to try this! this summer break I definitely have to practice sewing. I would love to travel to the 60s like your friends, or Ancient Egypt even–or 100 years in the future would undoubtably be mind-blowing :)
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  11. Hello!
    I am French, desoler if I make mistakes.
    I love your blog, you are so beautiful!
    You are also really talented DIY.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us your cute as the one that the other outfits!
    Bye, Mary!


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