Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Asymmetry & Pancakes

 Shorts and cardigan are thrifted | Top is random singlet, possibly a hand-me-down | Ring is DIY

I had attempted to cut myself an asymmetrical fringe, as you can see in these photos, however I was later forced to abandon that idea and just cut one that goes straight across; unfortunately, when you have such thin hair like me, an asymmetrical haircut requires constant fixing to ensure it's sitting in the right place. I guess I'll have to give up all ideas of becoming Emily Fitch (so 2009 - though I have always been a fan of her fashion sense).

Also, I wasn't content with merely buying food jewelry (as mentioned in this post) - I had to learn how to make the stuff for myself. Luckily, this amazing vlogger called Toni Ellison exists, who has tutorials for basically any sweet western food that you'd ever care to make tiny clay versions of. I just made up these pancakes myself by squashing some clay into round flat shapes, but I also followed her tutorial on how to make miniature polymer clay pies and it worked out SO well. Now I just need this fabric to turn into a circle skirt dress and this bag, and I'll own the most perfect outfit ever: pancake lady!

Also, I'm working on two new DIY videos (oh my gosh, I'm actually putting stuff on my youtube! This is so exciting haha). So if you haven't subscribed to my youtube channel yet, you totally should.

Lots of love,

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  1. Yay for more videos!! Oh those shorts are so cute too.

  2. I'm in love with your pancake ring!! So cute! And I subscribed to your channel! I don't know what took me soloing (maybe I was just being lazy ha!) I can't wait to see your other tutorials!

  3. Your hair is so super cute! <3

    L. Figment

  4. Your ring looks great! ^___^ Maybe after your pancake lady outfit you could do a Breakfast Princess cosplay - she has a skirt made from a pancake! ^___^

    1. Oh my goodness, YES! How did I forget about Breakfast Princess! Alright, she is my new style icon (along with Cotton Candy princess and, of course, Princess Bubblegum) haha

  5. Those shorts are just so cute! What a great thrift find!


  6. I have really thin hair & a side fringe... just wait for it to grow out a bit longer. I grew mine out from a straight-across fringe. x


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