Thursday, 12 September 2013

Night At The Museum

The other night, my friend Clare and I went to the Australian Museum's open night (also known as Jurassic Lounge). I'm currently moving house and don't have much clothing-wise to post for you guys - and I have packed up my camera - so I thought I'd post some photos from the other night (science!) If you're in Sydney, I highly recommend going to Jurassic Lounge while it's still running, which is every Tuesday night until November. There's music, drinks, exhibitions, comedy, performances and science! Plus basically everyone there was super well-dressed. I saw a lot of vintage and modcloth-clad people. It's basically my ideal kind of place.

Make sure you check out the turtle skeleton, the walrus skull and the factoids on giant worms in the above photos!

I'll be back with more posts when I'm done moving house and not so craaaazy busy! (Currently it's 1 day until moving day, and I haven't packed up any of my clothes yet! *Gulp*)

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